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...I've got an English exam today, which promises to be toweringly dull; wish me luck, coherence, or at least wakefulness.
At least it gets me out of double French. ~s~

Getting harder and harder to find ones I haven't done...heh...thank you...

~last movie you saw on video:
Velvet Goldmine - again. (81 times now...)
~ last movie you saw on the big screen:
Lord Of The Rings! And the time before that...and the time before that...and...um...
~ last phone number you called:
~ last show you watched on TV:
Whatever it happened to be on MTV
~ last song you heard:
ROFL The wretched, awful, brilliantly abysmal Whistle Song.
~ last thing you had to drink:
~ last thing you ate:
Vitamin C...I really do not need a cold right now...
~ last time you showered:
This morning.
~ last time you cried:
Last night.
~ last time you smiled:
Last night.
~ last time you laughed:
Last night.
~ last person you hugged:
G, over the phone, meirion on LJ and Sara in real life.
~ last person you kissed:
Sara, the other day.
~ last thing you said:
"Oh, for god's sake, you're not my father!" The computer gave me no answer, by the way.
~ last person you talked to online:
~ last person you talked to on the phone:
~ last thing you smelled:
Melted butter, at breakfast.

Do you...
~ smoke?
No. Though everyone thinks I do atm because I always go and keep the smokers company.
~ do drugs?
With caffeine and music, who needs anything else?
~ drink?
~ have sex?
No, and I have a £1,000 bet...ah...'riding' on that fact. ~g~
Mind you, the person I have the bet with *has* left now...but still. ~s~
~ sleep with stuffed animals?
~ have a crush?
You think?
Ah, hang on, wait, a crush. Yes. But that's not it.
~ have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
~ have a dream that keeps coming back?
I have a *theme* that recurs - riding on fairground rides that don't exist, but at theme parks that *do*...it's weird.
~ play an instrument?
Yes. My voice, piano (sort of) and flute (even more sort of).
~ believe there is life on other planets?
I have no idea, and, frankly, until they turn up here and make off with my mother, won't much care.
~ read the newspaper?
Almost never.
~ have any gay or lesbian friends?
~ believe in miracles?
Not for me. It does seem to happen for some people; I don't believe in the Christian - or Jewish - God, so I don't expect anything.
~ believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?
Depends entirely on your definition of 'faithful'.
~ consider yourself tolerant of others?
Eh...sort of.
~ consider police a friend or foe?
~ like the taste of alcohol?
No...or I'd drink it, wouldn't I?
~ have a favorite Stooge?
Something else I've never got around to seeing.
~ believe in astrology?
I tend to act pretty much like a Gemini is 'supposed' to - and a magazine I was glancing through had a horoscope that was almost frighteningly appropriate...although if I took its advice to heart it would be extremely painful. ~s~ So, yes, I suppose so, though I generally don't read horoscopes unless I'm really bored, which I was, yesterday. /disclaimer
~ believe in magic?
~ pray?
Yes, but I don't think it works.
~ go to church?
I hate churches...they terrify me.
~ have any secrets?
Not many.
~ have any pets?
~ go to or plan to go to college?
I'm not sure.
~ have a degree?
Not yet.
~talk to strangers who instant message you?
~ wear hats?
Rarely, just because the only ones I own are sort of only suitable for the kind of occasions they were bought for...or Boy George. ~s~
~ have any piercings?
Just my ears.
~ have any tattoos?
Not yet.
~ hate yourself?
Today? Absolutely. Though I could be really childish and lay the blame for that on someone else, I think that probably wouldn't help much. ~g~
~ have a "hot spot"?
How would I know? ~s~
~ wish on stars?
Yes. It never works, but I live in hope - some days.
~ like your handwriting?
~ have any bad habits?
~ believe in witches?
~ believe in Satan?
Yes...sort of.
~ believe in ghosts?
~ believe in Santa?
Not unless he's just a dyslexic devil; old idea, I know, but I still love the thought of his letters to the Big Guy In The Sky :
Dear Dog,
~ believe in the Easter Bunny?
Never did.
~ believe in the Tooth Fairy?
No - but I believed in her (or him, if you're watching a Listerine ad) for far longer than Santa.
~ have a second family?
Yes, my godmother's family.
~ trust others easily?
Far, far too easily.
~ like sarcasm?
What on earth made you think that?
~ take walks in the rain?
Oh, yes.
~ kiss with your eyes closed?
Given that almost all the kisses I've had, I've been trying to get the hell away from, I'd say I couldn't tell.
~ sing in the shower?
Yes. ~s~

Another fascinating insight on my life, from your childish, irrational, irresponsible, clearly braindead friend,


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