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Morning. ~waves~

I swear, some people here have supernatural powers of staying awake...I waited until half past two and then came to check my e-mail (why?) and went to sleep; came down at seven and Jules was still there.
I forgot to say yesterday...Gemma says her brother's been told he looks like Orlando. Which will mean wonderful things if I ever meet him; not just Gemma and Tasha's brother, but Gemma's brother too? Hmm.
Intriguing moments from TV this morning : Lorien, who fit nicely into the Starsailor-but-not-quite-as-good bracket, and...well...
Back in 1996 there was a song about the place called '6 Underground' by this band.
Because they weren't making the kind of music I was crazy about, and, I suspect, because I'm pretty slow, I somehow missed the point where the irritating female vocalist went off to get a life, and the guitarist, Chris Corner, took over vocals. Since the promotional footage was on Q, I'm hoping they'll be sensible to show the video for the new single when it's released.
Because, to a certain extent, miaow, and to another extent, he's just...great.
Miss Kittin & The Hacker", by the way, are *very good*. ~waves album~ Happy Christmas, me.


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