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I'm going to be reminding everyone of the meaning of "ignore"...


Never let me near Asda again, my friends. Guess what I went and got? I went and got the wretched Whistle Song....no, G, sweetheart, it's ok, I won't put it on your tapes, 'cause it *is* awful...but...yah. Here it is. ~waves CD~ ~laughs~

We went to see LOTR again...there was one thing I hadn't noticed at all the last three times, and that's that when the cave troll turns up, it is - I love this - it is on a lead. Like some orc a twentieth of its size is going to be able to either a) drag it along if it doesn't want to move or b) stop it from going somewhere it wants to go? I think perhaps not.

'm bored. No, that does *not* mean I'll be indiscriminately posting to LJ about every change in the room's temperature, or whatever.
Not any more. ~s~


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