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...And asrana's music questionnaire...

Favourite bands: Duran Duran, Erasure, Suede, Pulp, Menswe@r, Air, Japan, Kajagoogoo, A Flock Of Seagulls, The Human League, Ultravox, Soft Cell, Blancmange, T. Rex, Bis, Visage and many many more.
Three favourite tunes to dance along to: Currently, 'California' by Rufus Wainwright, 'Ieya' by Toyah and 'Too Much Information' by Duran Duran. But it changes. Often.
Three favourite albums at the moment: 'Poses' by Rufus Wainwright. 'Fade To Grey - The Best Of' by Visage. 'Vienna', Ultravox.
Best live shows ever: So far, and I haven't seen much, not even Duran has beaten The Human League, ABC and Culture Club at the Brighton Centre in 1998.
Favourite live music venue: Bournemouth International Centre. You can get so close to the band, and everyone's standing so there's none of that "er, should we get up and dance?" feeling you get at Wembley or wherever.
What songs rock your world at the moment: Oh, god. Right. 'Ieya', Toyah. (Totally bonkers and features the line "Zion, Zooberon, Na Na Na Na Hey Debauch!") 'Acrylic Afternoons', Pulp. (Jarvis Cocker's *voice*! ~faints~) 'Read My Lips', Duran. (Not one of their best, but hey.) 'White China (live)', Ultravox. 'Nobody Knows (Part 2)', Zoot Woman. 'Poses', Rufus Wainwright. 'Felt Mountain', Goldfrapp. 'Pencil Skirt', Pulp. 'Being Boiled', The Human League. 'You Think You're A Man', Divine. 'Two Tribes', Frankie Goes To Hollywood. 'Situation (US 12" version)', Yazoo. 'Take Me Home', Sophie Ellis-Bextor. (Hate her, love the song.) 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster', Geri Halliwell. Rather embarrassingly, 'Her Ghost In The Fog', Cradle Of Filth. (I think it's just Dani.) 'Tesla Girls', OMD. 'Complex', Gary Numan. 'Things Go Bump In The Night' (or whatever it's called), AllStars. And many, many, *many* more.
Have you met any famous musicians/bands?: I met Jamiroquai on a ferry...~g~ I've met a couple of people from much less famous bands, too.
What song do you listen to most when you're in a really bad mood: 'Break Stuff' by Limp Bizkit. Then I go write stories about Fred having cuddly moments with Eminem and feel a lot better. ~g~
What song do you listen to most when you're depressed: ~thinks~ If I want cheering up, something like 'New Star In The Sky' by Air. If I'm wallowing...hmm. The ultimate song is 'Street Spirit (Fade)' by Radiohead, but that would depress me so much more. I don't know.
What song do you most get jiggy to: Well, I generally don't, so...~shrug~
Do you sing in the shower: I sing *everywhere*.
What bands do you NOT listen to: Westlife, Steps (generally), bands like Mudvayne and Raging Speedhorn who sound like they're vomiting into the microphone, uh...~thinks~ Anything which comes under the heading of "Garage"...D-12...Atomic Kitten (sorry Mr. McCluskey!)...there are lots.
Best soundtrack: Ohhh, Velvet Goldmine, definitely.
If you could have your own private gig with whatever bands you wanted, who would you have? Limit 5 bands: Duran. Erasure. Pulp. Suede. And, uh...Toyah would be fun, actually.


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