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Yet another survey...

...because, well, why not?
(Cue a debate about whom I should let see this. Sigh.)

01. name? Emily
02. d.o.b.? 19/06/84
03. location? Bishopstone. Hardly the village of supreme excitement, but the fields are nice.
04. religion? Agnostic Jew. ~s~
05. occupation? Student and part-time song recorder. ~s~

01. hair? Long, dark blonde - should I start saying it's brown now? - naturally wavy, dammit.
02. eyes? Blue/grey/green.
03. height? 6'
04. weight? I've no idea.
05. figure? Eh...tall. ~shrug~
01. clothing? Black. ~s~ Not in a miserable-goth way, just in a black-suits-me way. Oh, and purple.
02. music? Early 80s, mid-90s indie, modern electronica.
03. makeup? Nothing right now - usually purple glittery eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and some colour of lipstick.
04. bodyart? No.
01. wearing? Black sandals, long black skirt, black shirt with tigers on it, gold watch.
02. listening to? My mind wanting to go back two days.
03. thinking of? I wonder...
04. feeling? Generally unhappy, a little embarrassed, a lot foolish, quite tired.

01. bought? Madonna's GHV2, Puretone's Addicted To Bass, and ten more blank tapes for G.
02. did? A Latin translation. No, really.
03. ate & drank? Eh...a piece of Milkybar and coke, last night.
04. read? Latin translation. ~s~
05. watched on tv? Kerrang! this morning.

01. club or houseparty? ~sigh~ Take me to one or the other, and I'll let you know.
02. tea or coffee? Tea.
03. high achiever or slacker? Well, sort of both, really. ~g~
04. beer or cider? No, thanks.
05. drinks or shots? No alcohol for me.
06. cats or dogs? Cats.
07. single or taken? Taken.
08. pen or pencil? Pen.
09. gloves or mittens? Gloves, but only for style purposes.
10. food or candy? Eh...depends.
11. cassette or cd? Vinyl.
13. coke or pepsi? Coke.
14. hard or mild alcohol? Or not.
15. matches or a lighter? Neither. Both frighten me.
16. sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful? It strikes me that a) I may have done this one before and b) this is slightly old, but nevertheless...they were both terrible.
17. rickie lake or oprah winfrey? Ricki.

01. kill? Eh...I'm thinking I might want to change my usual answer for this. I'd like to do considerable damage to the guy who broke Gemma in pieces, and our friend in Kent, and...perhaps myself, a little, today. But no killing atm.
02. shag? LOL Uh...I plead the fifth today.
03. slap? That answer can stay the same.
04. hear from? Him.
05. get really wasted with? I prefer watching people get wasted. It's fun.
06. tickle? Anyone. CLAIRE! ~ggls~
07. look like? ~s~ Guess?
08. be like? And again.
09. avoid? Everyone, today. Gemma? Even if she's going to be nice to me...

01. food? Anything my mum cooks.
02. drink? Coke.
03. color? Black, purple, electric blue.
04. album? What, ever? Oh, god. Probably Seven And The Ragged Tiger, or Visage, or...I don't know.
05. shoes? Mum's boots, of which she is getting me a pair next time she's in Paris - yay!
06. site? fanfiction.net, duranduran.com, here, and so on.
07. dance? Favourite dance? Whatever it is that everyone at Electric Dreams ends up doing. ~s~
08. song? I could not choose a favourite.
09. vegetable? Potatoes. They're so versatile.
10. fruit? Bananas. They're...well, never mind. ~g~
11. berry? Nick. (Never mind, I think you'll only get that if you're British and as tragic as I am.)

12. touched? Leonie, wishing her luck for her half of our translation lesson.
13. talked to? Leonie also.
14. hugged? Sara.
15. instant messaged? G.
16. kissed? Sara.
17. had a crush on? Coming up a lot in this quiz, aren't you?
18. who broke your heart? You want the list? ~s~

19. eat? Depends. Here, in the dining room. At home, curled up on the sofa.
20. dance? In my music room or in the living room, or in the common room here on Friday nights.
21. cry? Everywhere. ~g~
22. wish you were? London.

Anyway...music TV beckons...


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