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Seems to be a music evening...

...I was just thinking about an absurd song I saw earlier on SHTV. It's terrible, but that's not why I can't believe it's over here - after all, DJ Otzi and Robbie Williams have hit the top recently.
It's called "Moi Lolita" and it's by Alizée, and it's entirely in French, which *does* surprise me. I can only assume it's popular because the video features a fifteen-year-old French country girl flashing her undergarments at older men in a club.
I know, I know.
But this particular type of music doesn't usually make it across the channel, not least because it's in a foreign language and English people usually don't like to work that hard to understand a song.
What with that and DJ Otzi and the utterly ridiculous (yet strangely compelling - I think it's *his* fault again) Whistle Song by DJ Alligator, The Continent is bringing us some really bad music at the moment.
Must be the Euro...~sigh~


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