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Since I'm online anyway...

Fischerspooner, NME.com review :
</i>Living in a magazine? Darling, isn't everyone? Manhattanites Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner are so suffocatingly cool they should have a loft space between their ears - yet their shameless '80s posing is spiked with enough wit to excuse their fashionista excesses. Irresistible electro hit 'Emerge' deftly pursues their goal of 'indulgent fun'. Kicking in like New Order's 'Blue Monday' on a Friday night, it rampages through a smoke-and-mirrors circuitscape of drunk designers and chrome surfaces intoning the mantra "sounds good, looks good, feels good". It's a bit Chloe Sevigny, a bit fake-thrift-store-and-stylist-girlfriend, but it makes a Summer Of Insincerity seem like a brilliant idea.</i>

I like the sound of them...wonder how I missed them before...

Telepopmusik are described as making "music to look emaciated in chiffon to"...which sounds good to me. Why are French bands so damn good at electronica?

Say I, who has to answer the above question for my French coursework this term...


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