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Why I love and hate NME...this week...

I love NME because it forewarns me about bands I'm going to want to avoid, alerts me to bands I might be interested in, provides me with amusing pictures of Fred Durst, occasionally gives me an excuse to talk to Gemma, and, this week, because it mentioned Fischerspooner and Telepopmusik, two bands I keep forgetting to look up.
I hate NME because it's unnecessarily cruel, it features SWells - surely one of the planet's most obnoxious men next to Chris Moyles, takes every opportunity to trash the music that I love, and, this week, because it has told me that Orli is going to be in Ali G's film.

Which might, possibly, mean I have to see it.

Damn you, NME. You're great.

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Still in slight shock, hyperventilating a very little, and wishing she'd waited until later to check LJ. Because she has to sing tonight. And the way this is going, she's not even going to be able to *breathe*. ~g~

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