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Explanation about the pixie, for Val, and anyone else who was baffled...

"The pixie" is this guy, Stephen Anthony Tintin Pretentious Talentless Effete Duffy...actually, writing his full name out every time is going to take a long time, I might as well just use his given name.
Effete Duffy used - Val, you'll know all this - to be the singer with Duran Duran, before they made it big, thank god, and then randomly bailed on them.
They then made it big and completely dwarfed his own pop career, which I find really rather amusing.
I don't mind Effete Duffy's music, which is why I have some of his records in the first place, but the man is a preening pretentious fey little *bitch*, and as a human being he annoys me to the point where after every interview I see I seriously consider throwing his music out.
Which is why I will not, will not, will not, no matter *how* tempted I am, write him with Nick.

So now you know.


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