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That "sexiest person on LJ" question...

.....I was so definitely right.
~looks at screen~
I mean...
1) Eyes. ~nod~
2) Sense of humour. ~nod, giggle~
3) *Hair*. ~cough~
4) ....well, we don't need to talk about that. ~miaows~
5) ....or that. ~claws furniture~
6) ....and that kind of depends, I suppose, but it's still nice. ~s~
7) He likes a song I do. ~giggle, bounce, giggle, blush, is generally sad~
8) His...~cough~....invitation to....~COUGH~.....comment.....~*COUGH*~...
9) Two words. One of them is Goth, and the other of them is Cyber.
10) See 1.
11) See 2.

And so on.

Yes, hell, I made a promise and I meant it, but that's not to say I wouldn't want to see him with you.

Um. Am I leaving that in? I suppose so.


Veering dangerously close to adopting someone else's journal style. Again.

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