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We're bored.

Yes, G. I did nick these from you. ~ggls~ Sorry.

1) Full name: Emily Hannah Woolf.
2) Sex: Female.
3) Birthday: 19/06/84
4) Height: 6'
5) Weight: Don't know.
6) Hair color: Dark blonde.
7) Eye color: Blue/grey/green.
8) Ethnic background: English and Polish and Ukranian.
9) Birthplace: Brighton.
10) Hometown: Homevillage, more like - Bishopstone.
11) Father's full name: Gabriel Leonard Woolf.
12) Mother's full name: Felicity Ann Emwhyla Lott.
13) Sibling(s): Adam and Padmavyuha.


14) Song: I genuinely don't have one. If there was only one song I could listen to for the rest of my life, it would probably be "When We Dance" by Sting.
15) Band/singer: Blah. I add new ones every week. (Speaking of which - LADYTRON! Squeeee!)
16) Actor: Can we say Orlando Bloom? I think we can. Can we say Elijah Wood? Yup. Can we say Viggo Mortenson? Possibly, but probably not with the right accent.
17) Actress: Currently anyone who *isn't* Liv Tyler. ~g~
18) Movie: It's going to have to be LOTR at the moment.
19) Book: Nothing springs to mind as a favourite.
20) Author: Blah. Eddings. Pratchett.
21) Clothing brand name: Well, D&G, but not to wear or anything, just to look at. Also Chloë, from that point of view, and Ghost. And Blumarine. Oh, and Olivier Theyskens or however the heck you spell it.
22) Animal: Cats and snakes. And giant multiple octopi, oh yes. ~g~
23) Day of the week: FRIDAY!
24) Color: Black, purple, electric blue.
25) Food: Whatever.
26) Class in school: English. Which is all I have today. Yay!
27) Store: HMV and any second hand record shops.
28) City: ~g~ Chicago. But you know, I really want to say Birmingham.
29) Country: England and America.
30) Vacation spot: America.
31) Sport: Netball.
32) Game [as in "board", or otherwise]: Any pop quiz game. ~g~
33) Car: That excellent black Toyota that passed us last year.
34) Internet site: Here, the former late lamented egroups, BMB, dd.com, There, yadda yadda. (And, currently, the Smallville Slash Archive. Oh, dear.)
35) Ice cream flavor: If it's bad for you, I'll eat it. ~s~
36) Season: Autumn?
37) Month: I like July.
38) Holiday: Christmas and Hallowe'en.
39) Flower: This little purple weed my Nan gets in her garden all the time.
40) Cartoon: Captain Planet? Bucky O'Hare? Thundercats? ~g~
41) TV show: NMTB, TOTP2, AQOP, and, er, Smallville, atm.
42) Fictional character: Don't have a favourite. I love you all. ~s~
43) Perfume/cologne: Cerruti 1881 and, since mum gave me some for Christmas, Angel by Thierry Mugler.
44) Hobby: Music, music, writing, reading, writing, music, fanfic, music, slash, TV, music, music.
45) Flavor: Vanilla.
46) Scent: Vanilla.
47) Quote: "Did nobody warn you, boy? Love's in vogue again, my love..."
48) Word: PANTS. So now you know. ~g~ Well, it's not my favourite...I have loads of favourite words...but I couldn't survive without that.


49) Hot or cold: COLD.
50) Sweet or sour: Either's fine.
51) Spicy or bland: Spicy, but not too.
52) Fast or slow: LOL Fast or slow what? ~g~
53) Black or white: Black.
54) Half-full or half-empty: Half-full.
55) Long or short: Long.
56) More or less: More.
57) Soft or hard: .......um? ~giggles~
58) Rough or smooth: Smooth.
59) Air, land or sea: It's all good. Fire. ~s~
60) Light or dark: Dark.
61) Straight or curly: Straight.
62) Straight or curvy: Curvy.
63) Large or small: Whatever. No, wait, maybe that's not a wise answer...
64) Fat or thin: Doesn't matter to me.
65) E-mail or letter: Overwhelmingly e-mail.
66) Phone or instant message: Phone.
67) Day or night: Night.
68) Breakfast, lunch or dinner: Breakfast.
69) Past, present or future: Past.
70) Radio or CD: Record.
71) MTV or VH1: VH-1.
72) Brush or comb: Brush.
73) Slide, see-saw or swings: Swings.
74) Doing or watching: Watching. (No, G. You will not. You cannot. Ner.)
75) Mind or body: Mind.
76) Consciousness, subconsciousness or unconsciousness: Unconsciousness, I think.
77) Feet or hands: Hands.
78) Water or juice: Juice.
79) Ocean or pool: Pool.
80) Treadmill or road: Road.
81) Speaker-phone or hand-held: Hand-held. ~looks at Val and bursts out laughing~
82) AIM or ICQ: Y!M.
83) Rain or shine: Shine after rain.
84) Cat or dog: Miaow?
85) Innie or outie: Innie.
86) Inside or outside: Inside. With the curtains closed.
87) Up/high or down/low: High.
88) Closet or dresser-drawers: Closet. ~snerk~
89) Bed frame or only mattress: Eh?
90) Silver or gold: Silver.


91) Are you Hetero-/Homo-/Bi-sexual?: Bi, I suppose. ~looks around~ Is there actually anyone on LiveJournal who *isn't*?
92) Are you in love?: Yes.
93) Are you in a relationship?: Yes. ~smile~
94) Are you a virgin?: Yes, or, no.
95) Have you gotten your first kiss?: ~shudders~
96) Do you have a crush?: Yes oh yes. Many.
97) Do you enjoy being in love/having a crush?: Sometimes/always.
98) What form of birth control do/would you use?: Doing nothing at all with the person. ~s~
99) How far have you gone with a "lover"?: ....all the way to Disneyworld.


Um, sorry. Well, not far at all, or, all the way, depending on your point of view. ~s~

100) Would/did you have sex before marriage?: I wouldn't have sex, but if I were to, then sure.
101) Do you believe in hookups (sexual relations without emotion)?: No. (Y'hear that? HEAR THAT? I am so not impressed with you.)
102) Have you ever had a hookup?: Hell no.
103) Is there a difference between a crush and being in love?: Oh, yes.
104) Do you believe in love at first sight?: Sort of.
105) Do you believe in true love?: Yes.
106) Can long-distance relationships work?: How long-distance?
107) Have you ever had a long-distance relationship?: Well, like I said...I don't know if this counts.
108) What of online relationships?: Oh, this definitely counts as that. ~s~
109) Have you ever been married?: ROFL I married Silk, when I was eleven, does that count? Um, no.
110) Have you ever been divorced?: No. ~g~
111) Have you ever been in love?: Yes.
112) If so, how many times?: ~counts~ Eight and a half.
113) Have you had sex in the past and regretted it?: No, or, yes.
114) Have you fallen in love in the past and regretted it?: Yes.
115) How old were you when you got your first kiss?: Thirteen, and...~shudders~
116) How old were you when you had sex for the first time?: Still haven't, or, sixteen.
117) Have you ever broken someone's heart?: I think so.
118) Have you ever sexually harassed someone?: ROFL NO! Whatever she says, she's lying! Bwahahahaha.
119) Have you ever been sexually harassed yourself?: Possibly.
120) Have you ever been jealous of a friend for their boy/girlfriend?: HELL yeah.
121) Have you ever been jealous of your boy/girlfriend's "close" friend(s)?: ......no, but, um, well, I wish....~shakes head~ Never mind.
122) Have you ever been jealous of your boy/girlfriend's ex-?: One of them, yes.
123) Have you ever gotten back together with an ex-?: No.
124) Have you ever gotten together with a friend's ex-?: LOL No.
125) Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: OH GOD YES.
126) Have you ever been in love with someone so much that you've cried over them?: Duh. Doesn't everyone?
127) What's the most affection you deem appropriate for public?: Depends who you're with. And where you are. Some places I get nervous holding hands with a friend. ~shrug~ I got a bit nervy in the cinema the other week. ~shakes head~ I'm odd.
128) Have/would you ever see(n) an "X"-rated movie?: LOL I have, and it made me laugh SO much...
129) Do you enjoy French-kissing?: ~shudder shudder shudder hide~
130) Do you keep a picture of your beloved somewhere? ~tilts head~ Which one?
OK....Jamie, yes, Tom, yes, Rachel, yes, Dominic, yes, Vered, no, Hannah, no, Gemma, yes, Chris, yes, Sarah, yes.

1. Your LiveJournal "user name": DurAnorak
Explain what it means: Duran. Anorak. DurAnorak.

2. The "name" that you choose to use (if not your USER name): Well, DurAnorak, but...Em. ~s~

3. Explain how you picked / why you selected the user picture(s) that you have? Well, they'll be changing soon, but...I think they speak for themselves atm. ~s~

- The Stats -

4. date of survey (because things will change as soon as you finish it): Monday 7th January.

account type: Grovelling in the dirt, I think it's called.

friends of (#): 9. I have no friends. ~sniff~
friends (#): 10.
communities (#): None.
memories (#): 40
Journal entries: God knows.
Comments posted: Also god knows. Where do I find this?
Received: Ditto.
Gando totalos of: I beg your pardon?

- Your Journal -

5. Why do you have a Journal page? Because I like to have the illusion of someone listening to what I have to say.

Do you have a Journal page for yourself, your friends, strangers to know you, and/or everyone? Um...whatever?

6. Why did you pick LiveJournal (LJ) over another service or handwriting? I type quicker and better than I write, and it's easier to delete things you don't want to remember. Also, I thought it was damn cool. ~s~

7. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how well does your LiveJournal represent who you actually are? 9.

8. How do you think your LJ represents you the most;
Factually: 6.
Emotionally: 10. I sometimes overdo it. ~s~
Intellectually: 4. I always end up sounding...well...thick. ~s~ And I'm not, really I'm not!
Sexually: 5, I'd say. If you could read the private entries, mind...~ggls~
Religiously: Well, it couldn't, really, could it?
Artistically: 0 or 10, depending on your point of view.

9. How much about your life do you post to LJ? Everything but the really, really godawful things I can't bear to face staring back at me from the screen.
Is there anything you refuse to post about? As you see...

10. On a scale of 1-10 how interesting do you think your own journal is to others? More interesting than some I can think of. I don't know. If you're not into music or fanfic it must be fairly dull. ~s~

11. From who / how did you find out about LJ? Vered.

12. Has anyone ever joined LJ because of you? Yes.

13. How long have you been a member of LJ? Must be nearly a year now.

14. How often do you post to LJ? Too much. I'm hooked.

15. What proportion of your posts are friends only? Very few.

16. What is your FAVORITE interest on LJ? I have none listed. ~s~

17. What is your favorite community on LJ? I belong to none.

18. Have you ever learned anything new on LJ? Oh, yes.

19. Has anything on LJ ever caused you to establish, rethink, or even change your belief or position on something? Yes, yes, yes.

20. How often do you respond / comment on other peoples journals? All the time. ~mutter mutter Shane mutter sigh~

21. Do you prefer to write in your Journal, read other Journals, respond to others entries, or get responses to your entries? All of the above.

22. What's the longest you've gone without posting to LJ since the day you signed up? This holiday.

23. What's the longest you've gone without reading LJ since you discovered it? The same.

24. What is your favorite post you've ever made to LJ? LOL one of the private ones...

25. What is your favorite post you've ever read on LJ? Most things my friends write. I love my friends.

26. What's the weirdest or funniest thing you've seen on LJ? Cassie's various toast poems, and Val's recent posting of the revised LOTR script....bwahahahahaha....

27. Have you ever specifically asked a question for people to reply to in your Journal? Yes, but they never do. ~s~

28. Have you ever tried to play the "trace yourself back through friends from a random LJ user" game? No, but it's a thought for those long winter evenings, thanks. ~s~

29. Have you ever played the "add a sentence to my post" game? No...?

30. Have you ever lied/fibbed in your journal? Last time, yes. This journal, no.

31. Have you ever had something mean said to you or been stalked, harassed, or got into an argument/flame war on LJ (or did it to someone else)? ROFL Nicky....yah. Ouch.

32. Have you ever banned someone from your Journal? Yes indeed.

33. Has LiveJournal had any significant impact on your life? HELL yeah.

- Friends -

34. Who are your favorite LJ friend(s) and why? They're all my favourites, or they wouldn't be there, now would they?

35. How many of your LJ friends are your friends in "real life"? Eh, one? Two? Not sure how much real life counts as. Um. What? ~g~

36. How many of your LJ friends have you actually met (but you don't see them regularly)? One, but I see her fairly often. Not often enough though.

37. Have you ever e-mailed or I.M.'d someone you found on LJ? Mmm-hmm.

38. Of all of the people on LJ you know of, who is the most like you? Eh...Val? Maybe? No offence, sweetheart.

39. Who is the most intelligent or insightful person you know on LJ? Sometimes Lucy's writing suggests it's her. ~s~ Then again, TBR is on LJ so...

40. Who is the most fun person you know on LJ? Claire, Val, Cassie, Asrana...

41. Who is your least favorite / most annoying LJ user or community? (WARNING: ANSWER AT YOUR OWN RISK!) I think we can all answer that one.

42. How do you USUALLY find new friends on LJ; Interests, Communities, Directory, cool name/username, reading someone else's friends page, they find you, or random selection? I wander from journal to journal. ~s~

43. Why are you MOST likely to add someone to your friends list; Gender, User Picture, Specific Interest, Combination of Interests, Community, Geographic Location, Web Page, Specific Entry in Journal, Overall Journal, they comment in your journal, or they add you first?
...~shakes head at bizarreness of question~
Usually because I like their style. ~nods~

44. Do you automatically add friends to your journal if they add you first? I haven't had enough people add me to warrant an answer to that.

What is the most likely reason you WOULDN'T add someone to your friends list? I'd be too scared to. ~s~

45. Do you care if someone adds you to his or her friends list if you add him or her first? I would be touched beyond belief. It has happened once or twice. ~s~

Would you remove them from yours if they didn't? Oh, no.

46. Are there any people's Journals (users / friends), communities, interests, or searches you frequent on LiveJournal that you DON'T or will not list in your user info page? No.

- More than Friends on LJ -

47. Is your "Significant Other" on LJ? LOL Yes.

If not, do they know you post on LJ? --

48. OTHER than your S.O., who are you the most attracted to on LJ (those who think this question means an instant argument with your S.O. may pass on this question, if you don't have a S.O. just answer it)? Oh, god. Sorry, Chris.
Well, Vered is one of the most beautiful men I know of.
I still want to marry Claire.
I wish I could also marry Val, whom I adore.
Then there's ~cough~goth, who is just fucking *cool*.
Um....I think I'll stop, because otherwise, I won't. ~s~
Oh, yeah, and him, obviously. But, y'know...that goes without saying.

49. Who is the sexiest person you know on LJ? That last guy, without a doubt.

50. Have you ever fantasized about someone on LJ? Eh......no?

51. Would you want to know if someone fantasized about you on LJ? Not likely to happen, though, is it?

52. Would you date someone you met on LJ? I am. ~s~

53. Have you ever wanted to meet someone on LJ? All of you.

54. Have you ever actually met someone from LJ romantically (or otherwise) and hit it off (or not)? Well, we can hope.

55. Have you ever posted a naughty picture / post / story on LJ? Posts and stories, yes.

- Technical LiveJournal -

56. Do you prefer to post from a Client or the Web Interface? Which do you usually use? Web, 'cause...yeah.

57. Do you use HTML to add extras to your entries? Yes.

58. Is your LJ page customized (at all - even from template), template, or default? I wish I knew how.

59. Do you usually use the WinAmp music detector, add you music manually, or none at all? ~looks all confused and stuff~

60. How well do you know the LJ features and how to use it (e.g. do you know you could edit or delete old entries? I can use everything I do use, but beyond that, hell no.

61. What is your favorite LJ feature? It's all good. ~s~

62. What is your least favorite LJ feature (one that you would change or delete if you could)? I don't have one.

63. What feature would you most like to see added to LJ? I don't know. ~shrug~

64. What moods would you most like to see added to LJ? Hurt, musical, camp.

65. "One day the directory will work again." How long until YOU believe until that day will come? Eh?

66. On a scale of 1-100, rate the LJ for convenience, usefulness, and coolness factor. Convenience? 80. Usefulness? 80. Coolness? 180.

- Miscellaneous -

67. How many other surveys have you done on LJ? Hundreds.

68. How does this survey compare to those? Not nearly as good. ~s~ Well, you asked.

69. Do you think this last question was added solely to get to this number or not? Probably.



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