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There's a girl here called Ruth, who is incredibly good at music. She's currently sitting at the piano in the hall making a piece up as she goes along, and she's been playing it for at least fifteen minutes. It is - as always - so beautiful just remembering it will make me cry, and - as always - it's made me feel a lot better.
Really, I wish I could tell her what her music does to me, but then, judging by the way things are at the moment, that would probably make her stop playing and move to Antarctica - which is *too* a continent, so there.
I missed people. I missed people at school, but I really missed people on LJ as well. ~cuddles Val~ I missed you SO much. ~cuddles Cassie~ I missed you too. ~looks at Claire~ I missed you, every day I missed you, I kept wishing you'd be online, I...~sigh~
I'm so predictable. ~s~
Things are...a tad awkward here. I'm trying not to dramatise how upset I am - I don't really need to, but it probably comes across that way. Seeing Gemma is *so* awful that I can only laugh about it; seeing Tasha is pretty bad, especially after my marathon weep&wail last night; seeing May is just weird. I had a Latin lesson with Gilly this morning and we didn't say a word to each other. It's just...odd.
I think I'll be spending a lot of time in my room.
Listening to the Jason Downs single I bought, because it's *beautiful*.
Even if it is lifted from 'Everybody's Talking At Me'.
I love that man's voice.

And I love you.

And I'm...going to watch TV.


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