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[Y!M heart] Cassie [Y!M heart]

1. Name: Emily
2. Username: duranorak (these days)
3. How many friends do you have on LJ?: 8.
4. How many do you know in real life?: Two and a half.
5. How many don't you know IRL?: The others. Duh.
6. Do you have any more journals (from Livejournal, Deadjournal, or Parajournal)?: Nah...used to be kheldara on LJ, but that was long enough ago. :-)
7. Who do you wish read your journal more often?: Well...yeah. ~s~
8. Who do you wish never read your journal?: My parents, oh god, and Tash.
9. Who do you wish commented more often?: LOL Everyone...I'm such an attention seeker!
10. Do you LOVE LJ?: Yah...it rocks.
11. Are you a paid user?: I wish. But no.
12. What communities do you actively participate in?: None...hehe I wouldn't know what to do...
13. Which LJ friends would you like to meet IRL?: All of them...I love them all...
14. How often do you change your colours/layout/icon, etc?: I wish I knew how. ~sigh~
15. How many friends have you met through LJ?: chiriko and thechaosdiva and meirion and mmmdraco and nightshade ...thank you, LJ!
16. How many people do you guess will read this? Roughly four.
17. Have you ever been dumped through LiveJournal?: ROFL Um...no, but I've half-dumped someone else through it...LOL
18. How many people will copy this survey from you and put it in their journals?: Maybe one?
19. How did you find Livejournal?: Through Vered.
20. What was your first entry?: Squeeeeeing (though I didn't know the word at the time) about being able to have weird makeup at some point in the future. ~ggls~

Oh, and - who's not surprised?

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quiz made by xqueeniex



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