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Well. Um. Um?

Thing is....um...there would be something about knowing he'd go out in *my* makeup, the makeup *I* bought for him...um...makes me feel as though...even though he's all the way up there...part of him is, somehow, mine.
Um. Um?
And there again, there's the fact that he'd be wearing makeup out...like, actually going out wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow...I mean...I can wave the New Romantic tag around all I like, but the plain fact is that apart from George when I passed him and Nick when he was on stage, I have never, NEVER seen a guy wearing makeup in public. Not once, not ever.
It's like..."I am beautiful. Look at me."
And then there's that thing I have with Pete out in the outside world at night...where everyone can see him...
Oh, and even *more*, none of them can *have* him right now...



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