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SQUEEE! I done good!

I made Rosy and Anna Christmas cards this morning...Rosy's ended up the size of an NME page, which is pretty huge...they both really liked them...YAY!

Also - yay. Just, yay. ~happy happy smile~ ~hugs self~ Yay. ~nods~


Last night I had an odd dream. It was one of those
What a dream, I could be feeling
Silk of softnesses...
Why alone I'll be lonely with you
Do I want for diamond skies
Will you take of me...?

Not a sound I would hear everything
Everything I hear...
Lay me down.
Dance, can we?
Cast as one into the sea
Will you take of me...?

('Take Of Me', Alison Moyet.)
...dreams. Only, I was in a practice room with Tasha Ong, and...well...it was...weird.
Not least because it was Tasha.
Well, there goes her being one of the only five people from H1 I've never thought about like *that*...~wry grin~

ANYway. Gemma gave me a chocolate coin. Life is good.

All together now, to the tune of "God Save The Queen" :

Werther's Originals,
Werther's Originals,
Please save my voice...
Werther's Originals,
Werther's Originals,
Werthe-er's O-originals,
Ple-ease save my-y voice....

Tee hee.


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