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Two Jeopardy answers for you :

1) What is, YAY!?

2) What is, AAAAAAARGH!!!!?

And the questions?

1) The sound made by an Emily upon discovering that a gay man she likes a lot has got back together with another gay man she likes almost as much, thereby reforming a couple who should never have split up in the first place.
Q! G : Nat said he spent the whole evening looking over at Si and calf-eyed or whatnot, so in the end Nat pushed him over and told him to do some serious groveling *s* and Si was more than willing, so they're back together *s*

2) The sound made by an Emily upon discovering that a certain brother of a certain friend of hers is going to show up at tomorrow's carol service. Where she will be wearing Sunday uniform. Again.


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