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............~lifts head, with much effort~ Wstfgl? Wftslglyphy. ~groan~

One. Hour. Of. Sleep. And that not even one solid hour, either.
My night went -
9:30 get off phone to G. 9:40 deal with a Blaise crisis, which takes until 10:10 to get sorted. 10:10 eat some dry noodles because supper was gross. 10:20 try and get to sleep. 10:40 be interrupted in attempts to sleep by house staff coming in to say goodnight. 10:50 be interrupted in attempts to sleep by Leonie giving me Latin prep. 11:00 fall asleep. 11:20 wake up, go to bathroom, go back to bed, try and sleep. 11:30 decide this isn't working because am too cold, put dressing gown on, try and sleep. 11:35 somehow become Shifty Shellshock from Crazy Town and end up having a D&M with bandmate Epic. 11:50 Epic seduces Shifty Shellshock. 12:10 still as Shifty, try and sleep. 12:20 realise dressing gown gets in way and anyway is green and fluffy and un-Shellshock-like. Lose dressing gown. 12:30 Epic (which is also me, duh) gets up to soak some tissues in water because Shifty is burning up. 12:40 general decision by Em, Shifty, Epic, Brandon Boyd, Chino, Chester and Mike Shinoda that sweet music is conducive to sleep. 12:45 get up, put on tape of Songs I Shouldn't Like, go back to bed. 12:47 get up to turn music down, go back to bed. 12:50 'Black Cloud' begins, and all begin to be lulled to sleep, but then it ends and so I get up to rewind it and play it again. 01:00 can't sleep because pillow is soaked, thanks to Epic and his wet tissues. 01:10 Eat some more dry noodles, listen to 'Change' by the Deftones. 01:15 get up to rewind tape again. Try and sleep. 01:25 get up to rewind tape again. Try and sleep. 01:40 get up and stop tape because it's keeping me awake. 01:45 fall asleep. 01:50 wake up, turn light on, try reading to exhaust self...

...and so it goes on.

I. Feel. Crap.

And I really wish someone had the Crazy Town CD so I could put 'Black Cloud' on repeat...

~groans~ I'm taking the morning off again...no way I can get through lessons like this...


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