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What a great day. ~g~

I had lots of music-journo-type things to say here, but I can't really be bothered, to be honest. Watched TOTP2 - Carter USM! ROFL They crack me up...anyone who can jump Philip Schofield from behind and not be scarred for life...

And now I'm *cold*. ~looks cross~ I'm *never* cold!

Nick and John are back to their usual loving selves. God *bless* Reprise. It always puts me in the right frame of mind to be them when they're happy. At least, it does if I don't read too much of it.

I don't feel loved any more, but I do feel...cared for. Which isn't anything like feeling loved, or nearly as good, but it's more than I usually feel, so...

I seem to have dredged up an old art that I thought I'd forgotten. ~ggls~ And I have a Pacman board game! I spent all afternoon in a charity shop, sorting stuff. I love sorting! Yay!

And I'm really starting to like Zoot Woman now. Definitely a good sign.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get dad to put that new CD rack up, and everything'll be *really* good.



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