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You learn some interesting things while watching Kerrang! TV...

And you pick up some bizarre new bands, as well. Not that they're new, they're just new to *me*...but then, I've only just entered the world of Kerrang! music...
There's a band with the inspired name of "Anyone", with a singer who looks like the attractive mad guy in System Of A Down and sounds like the man from BoyHitsCar, which is a *good* thing.
I like.
There's also...I don't know how I miss these things...a *Norwegian*, of all things...who calls himself Mortiis. And, um - he looks like...well...this. I think any of those pictures would be more than bizarre enough to convey a sense of what he's like.
I quote from the site biography (and please, while reading this, don't forget he's from *Norway*, not Middle Earth) :
"Elfin, batlike, inhabiting shadows and shunning company..........grotesquely featured, razor taloned and inhuman in appearance........the result of a misshapen mind, a fertile yet polluted imagination, the ultimate example of creation replacing creator. Mortiis - the concept born of dissatisfaction, desire and even mild dementia - is a being like no other, with a story to tell that knows no end.
Neither in this world or the next, the space in time that Mortiis occupies is one where the imagination is King, and the farthest reaches of the mind is God. Mortiis is a concept that allows anything to become a possibility, where the only restraint is the limits the creator imposes on himself. For the world Mortiis inhabits is self-created, ever-evolving and endless - an escapism of the most extreme form that means that Mortiis lives literally between worlds, displaced from where he started and headed to who knows where?
They say that the lines between fantasy and reality are often blurred - never has this been more true than in the case of Mortiis, the alter ego of his withdrawn, obscure earthly creator. In pursuing an existence so unique and solitary, Mortiis is open to criticism, normally from those with a singular lack of imagination or drive - the very bonds Mortiis has striven to shake off. For the whole Mortiis concept and search is concerned with the eternal quest for answers - what lies beyond our comprehension, how far can we expand our minds, where does the possibility end?
So far Mortiis has yet to draw the line - his physical appearance, (striking, seething, enigmatic, imposing, elf-demon), is at odds with his music (epic ambient-based soundtales), yet the apparent contradiction of such an overwhelming image coupled with such a laidback musical style works, precisely because it challenges the accepted perception of how things should be. Despite outward appearances, black metal this is not - in Mortiis' world, things have gone far beyond the conventional."

The really, wonderfully ironic thing about this is that, to a certain extent, his music's quite good...I don't know where they got the idea that it's ambient-based, from what I've heard it's melodic goth-rock in the vein of The Cult, but still...it's not bad.

The site was last updated in January of this year - really dedicated fans, then...but from various places around the web, I'm just...stunned...by how totally barking mad this guy is.
"Mortiis is not just another concept of a project, this is a tale that has no real beginning nor an end. You will, as you follow the development of this eternal era and world, learn about the different spirits, trolls, goblins, ghouls and many other creatures. You will learn about their ranks, their might and magic, their past, their shapes and looks, eventual armament and weapons. You will learn about the war slaves who build everything they're commanded to. The many kinds of dragons, wolf hordes, the seemingly bottomless valleys, dark woods and high ice mountains with the endless snowstorms and the living fog. The endless seas. There is the black crystal prison. This is perhaps what is most feared by the good folk. The black wizards are mystical black robed spirits with long, old pointy hats. The high tower, standing in the midst of the ruler's castleyard. This tower is the great centre of all power.
Those secrets and very many others you will learn fom the great book written by the ruler himself, in his own hand-writing. This is a great book and it contains all hidden and dreadful secrets concerning himself, his power over the stars and time, the mighty and legendary stargate (his most fearful weapon), the terrible blackspell that haunts and binds the victims and all their future generations to thralldom."



It has to be said, a lot of the stuff about him just makes one laugh, although patting him on the head is probably not an option....nevertheless...out of the black dungeonic obscurity rose a new lord...with really pointy ears...

We think he's one to watch. Or watch out for. Or something.

Oh, and everything he's ever released is out on vinyl, too.


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