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Quizzes and stufflets and "wonderuffle".

Things that have happened tonight :
1) I killed my voice on the karaoke and now sound like Gary Numan when I speak.
2) Gemma when drunk is a more convincing liar than when sober, but still fundamentally unconvincing.
3) Nobody would sing anything I wanted, so I was reduced to "I Will Survive" again.
4) I had to pick up a laser disc from between Annaleis's legs. (Never mind.)
5) I didn't think about Pete for five hours.
6) I came and read my Friends list and was reminded how much, how very utterly much, I love them allllll.
7) Ruth threw up. Down both sides of the bin. After 28 bottles of Bacardi Breezer.

Happy Christmas, cleaners! Mwahahahahaha...

Quizzes :

[1] be invisible or be able to fly?: Be invisible.
[2] be rich or good looking:? Rich.
[3] small and fast or strong and slow?: Small and fast. SILK! [Y!M heart]
[4] have a lightsaber or a hoverboard?: Hoverboard.
[5] read minds or have a time machine?: TIME MACHINE! Birmingham 1977, HERE I COME!
[6] be a hacker or a bank robber?: Successful and uncaught bank robber.
[7] be tough or nice?: Nice. Most of the time.
[8] be talented or clever?: Clever. No, wait, talented. Oh, god, I don't know.
[9] have a boy/girl friend or a sweet car?: ...boy/girlfriend. DUH.
[10] breathe underwater or see in the dark: Oh, breathe underwater! Oh oh oh breathe underwater...
[11] have a good body or be a good lover?: If you have one you generally don't need the other.
[12] have a better memory or have more experiences?: More experiences. I blush to say it - well, no, not really - but my memory couldn't get much better.
[13] be shy or have bad breath?: I'm shy, TOO!
[14] bruce lee or jackie chan?: Bruce Lee, for Jewel, 'cause she likes him for some reason.
[15] die by falling off a rollar coaster or by being lit on fire?: I've done both in dreams...falling off a "rollar" coaster. ~rolls eyes~
[16] die by drowning or by being buried alive?: Drowning.
[17] own a big cabin in the rockies or a small apartment in new york city?: Small apartment in NYC! Yes please!
[18] grow 2 feet or shrink 2 feet?: Grow two feet. And G, if you shrank two feet, I wouldn't just be able to use you as an armrest, I'd be able to use you as a *footstool*. Please don't.
[19] snore or talk in your sleep?: Talk in your sleep!
[20] get 5 piercings or 5 tattoos?: Tattoos.
[21] forget your name or everyone else's?: Alien concept - don't know.
[22] be stranded on an island with a clueless hottie or someone gross with survival training?: Survival training, so long as they didn't have to touch me too much. ~g~
[23] have wheels instead of legs or wings instead of arms?: Wings. Definitely.
[24] change your past or know your future?: ACH change my past...change it beyond all recognition...
[25] power to calm everyone down or get them really excited?: I have both.
[26] always lose or never play?: Never play. I can't lose.
[27] know it all or have it all?: Have it all.
[28] be normal and ignored or brilliant and disliked?: I'm both. ~s~
[29] wake up and find yourself in the middle of a desert or the middle of the artic?: Arctic.
[30] have a dumb song stuck in your head all day or hit your funny bone every hour?: Song! Song! Song!
[31] give bad advice or take it?: I don't give bad advice. So, take it.
[32] never be sick or never be sad?: Never be sick. Hospitals scare me more than window ledges.

If you could have more of something what would it be?: MONEY dammit.
if you had to trade places with someone who would it be?: Uhm...Katy. ~s~
what person, band or celebrity would you get rid of if you could?: Westlife.
if you could wish evil on someone what would do?: I'd wish for Gemma to never be able to lie. Trust me...if you knew what she was like...she's consider that wishing evil on her.
what would you want to be remembered for?: Everything.
1. Can you walk around your house @ night with the lights off and not run into anything? Pretty much.
2. Ever put off emailing for over a month? HELL yeah.
3. Ever received a "why don’t you write me?" email? Not yet. I'm waiting for it. ~s~
4. Ever taken your frustration/bad mood out on others? All the time. Tonight, today, yesterday, every day.
5. Ever had a huge argument and then realized that you were wrong? Not really. If I'm having the argument in the first place I'm usually pretty much convinced I'm right.
6. Ever left things the way they were just because it would be harder to resolve it? Oh yes.
7. Ever thought someone was "hopeless?" Yep.
8. Ever been so dazed that you take a drink of water but completely miss your mouth? Not often.
9. Ever dropped your toothbrush in the toilet? EWW, no.
10. Have you ever dropped something in the toilet that you HAD to retrieve? ROFL NO! I have a brain!
11. Ever driven off from the gas station without closing the gas thing? I don't drive, but I wouldn't do that.
12. Can you sleep better @ night or during the day? Whenever. I'm a cat, I can sleep anytime.
13. Do you print out pictures of celebrities/musicians off of the Internet? Oh, my god, yes.
14. Have you ever entered an art contest? NO! ROFL
15. Do you remember the Lisa Frank phase? Who? Wha?
16. Is your favourite colour evident by the clothes you wear? Yep. BLACK!
17. Coats and sweaters or tank tops and bathing suits? Coats. Sweaters. Huge fuck-off Kaftans. Tents. Whatever.
18. Do you think everyone should have a significant other during the winter months? ~s~ It's nice watching J&N, anyway.
19. Is there a movie that you can really relate to? Yah...VG, Hedwig...
20. Ever found lyrics to a song that almost exactly describes you? Not really, no.
21. Ever go to a "place of business" so often that costumers think you work there? Yep!
22. Would you go to a strip club to watch members of the opposite sex? Same sex? No. After all, I could just stay home and close my eyes. ~shrug~
23. What do you think of guys who dress in drag? MMMMMMIIIIAAAAAAAOWWWWWWW...........mostly.
24. Do you think movies overemphasize the differences in society? (Sexual preferences, racial, cultural, religious identities)? YES.
25. Do you look @ people in the car next to you at the stoplight? Yep.
26. Ever said a word so many times in a row that it didn’t even sound like a word anymore? I've typed it so many times, yes.
27. Was there a book series you read growing up? Yes. Many. Next?
28. Do you write letters on notebook paper, stationary, computer paper, other, or all? Lined paper from school.
29. Ever written a letter to someone and weren’t able to give it to them because it was so personal and detailed? Um...yes? I think?
30. Where do your wet towels end up after your shower/bath? Back on the rail over the radiator.
31. Ever guessed what time it was and been off by Hours? Nonono. I'm good at that.
32. Do you have a subscription to anything? Yes. NME. Vogue. Elle.
33. Do you get more friend mail, business mail, or junk mail? E-mail wise? Family mail. ~s~
34. Ever slept nude? Yes.
35. Ever walked around your house nude? No.
36. Anyone ever accidentally see you naked? Visa versa? LOL No.
37. Do you dental floss daily? Weekly? No...the stuff makes me feel ill.
38. Do you use mouthwash or think that brushing is enough? Brushing should be enough.
39. Ever been in the middle of a sexual act and actually Felt The Heat between the two of you? ROFLMFAO What the...would someone who's had sex please explain this to me?
40. Are you able to act? Yes?
41. Can you give public speeches without freaking out? Yep.
42. Ever had to think extremely hard to remember what happened the day before? Never.
43. Which is better: music of today, music of yesterday? YESTERDAY! ~BOUNCE~ 80s!
44. Do you drive through town, or around it? I would drive through.
45. Ever find humor in a part of a movie that no one else does? Oh, yeah.
46. What do you spend most of your money on? MUSIC!
47. What do you waste most of your money on? MUSIC! LOL
48. Can you like the lyrics without liking the song? Yes, you can. There's a couple of John Foxx songs like that.
49. Can you like the song without understanding the lyrics? Oh god, yes! Every Deftones song ever written...
50. Are accents a turn on? Scottish......~shivers~.....
51. Do you dream more good then bad? More good, really.
52. Can you interpret your own dreams or do you have to have someone else tell you what they think? I don't care what they mean.
53. Radio or cd’s? Radio if it's a decent station. But CDs are good too.
54. Movies or TV series? Movies. By a very small margin.
55. Ever regret saying something hurtful? Not really. Not for long.
56. Ever regret expressing your love? YES, god, yes.
57. Do you think some things should be left unsaid? No.
58. Do you stand up for yourself? Not often. More so these days.
59. Do you stand up for others? Yes.
60. Do you know the difference between standing up for others and fighting someone else’s battles? Yes.
61. Things you would like to say to:
· Favorite past teacher? Have you got Tom's address?
· Favorite current teacher? MARRY ME. (Mr. Back)
· Your boss? I don't have a boss.
· The last person who made you cry? I love you, I love you, I'm sorry, I can't help it, please don't despise me for it, one day you'll love someone too.
· The last person who you bitched @? "Sorry..."
· The last person who took you for granted? Thanks for telling me what happened to May, yeah?
· The last person you hugged? Love you. ~s~
· The director of your favorite movie? Did you have sex with any of the cast members? Did any of the cast members have sex with each other?
· G.W. Bush? Do you have any last words?
· Michael Jackson? Did you have any last words?
· Peewee Herman? I wish I'd seen your film...I keep being told to.
· Your favorite dead musician/celebrity? You live on in me. (Marc Bolan.)
· Your favorite living musician/celebrity? Um...um...hi....um...um....um....didyoueversleepwithJohn?....um...hi....
· Your internet provider? Fuck you too.
· Your best friend? My love. ~cuddles~
· Your first love? I'd just sing "Missing" by Everything But The Girl at him.
· Your current love? Which one? LOL Um... Hmm. "Wear it for me....please, you promised..." At least, that's the cleanest thing I want to say to him. Mwahahahahaha.
· The person who thought of mixing soap and water, putting it in a container with a looped stick and selling it? Eh?
· The person who made this list of questions? Lives scarce in your area, hmm?

Oh, and "wonderuffle"? It's a word I made up, and it's G's, because...she's....wonderuffle.


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