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~sigh~ Another reminder of how important I am to everyone...~s~

One of my best friends went into hospital yesterday. It's someone I care a great deal about, who I was worried about yesterday morning 'cause she was in a lot of pain, so much so that she could barely walk.
I saw lots of her friends last night, and any of them could have told me, but oh, no.
When Sarah went into hospital, the whole of her year came to find me to tell me, because they knew I'd want to know.
And when Dom had an accident with the painkillers, G rang to tell me and *kept* telling me anything she knew.
This isn't as serious, and May is fine, as far as I know, but still.
It would have been nice to know.
I think it's that...I think it's that G and Sarah's year all cared about me enough to know that I cared about those people. But the others...nah.


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