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Thanks, Cassie!

200. My name is: Emily
> 199. I was born on: June 19
> 198. I am: confused, atm.
> 197. My hair color is: dark blonde
> 196. My eye color is: blue/grey/green
> 195. My shoe size is: I don't know any more.
> 194. My ring size is: I never knew.
> 192. My theme song is: Some synthful instrumental or other. I'll go for 'Globe Trotter' by JMJ right now.
> 191. I am allergic to: stupid people.
> 190. I live in: my room and the computer room.
> 189: The last three books I read were: The Picture Of Dorian Gray, Witches Abroad, A Clockwork Orange.
> 188. My bed is: unmade.
> 187. One thing I know for sure about the opposite sex is: They look better with each other than with us.
> 186. I am glad that I am (*male/female*): male.
> 185. A (guy/girl) that I have a crush on is: Nick/Gemma.
> 182. My best online friends are: *fun*. ~grins @ Claire~
> 181. Four things I can never resist are: Surveys, crisps, Human League singles, tickling people.
> 178. A perfect kiss is: one between two guys, that I can watch.
> 176. If I could be a movie star, I would be: Drew Barrymore.
> 175. The song I feel captures a good life lesson is: 'Sunny Came Home', Shawn Colvin, and 'Lullaby', Shawn Mullins. Way to go for the Shawns.
> 174. The songs I love to lip synch in the car to are: I sing to everything, but at the moment my favourite things to lip-sync to are ITSISK? by AllSTARS and The Noise by John Foxx.
> 173. I could not live without: music
> 172. My most treasured possession is: my music and my Duran stuff
> 171. My three top pet peeves are: stupid people, R&B and sprouts
> 170. A question I am sick of answering is: "Where are you going for university?"
> 169. The funniest quote(s) I know is: "I'd give him one...if I had one." -Donna, QAF / "When you're beaten at chess by your digital watch, that's progress." -Nik Kershaw
> 168. The quote that sums it all up for me is: "And if my day keeps going this way I just might break your fucking face tonight" -Limp Bizkit. No, but seriously...um..."We want to be the band to dance to when the bomb drops" -Simon.
> 167. My skin's reaction to the sun is (tan/burn): tan, but very....very.....slowly....
> 166. I like the doctor/dentist better: Dentist oh god I hate doctors.
> (164-157) -- I HAVE/HAVE NOT...
> 164. Been Drunk Before? Haven't.
> 162. Broke the Law: Possibly?
> 161. Played Strip Poker: No way José
> 160. Cheated on a Significant Other: Have.
> 159. Cheated on a Test: Have NOT, ever EVER.
> 158. Dated Someone that you met online: Hi, Chris.
> 157. Went Skinny Dipping: No way, I say again.
> (156-150) On ______, I went...
> 156. Friday: I sang in a concert and was embarrassed by Tasha's brother.
> 155. Saturday: went to Stratford and watched plays.
> 154. Sunday: Came back from Stratford.
> 153. Monday: cried
> 152. Tuesday: cried
> 151. Wednesday: cried
> 150. Thursday: crying?
> (142-133) I Do/Do Not Believe in...
> 142. Love at first sight? probably
> 141. Luck? Yes
> 140. Fate? Yes, but he doesn't have a beard.
> 139. God? No.
> 138. The devil? Oh, yes.
> 137. Aliens? No.
> 136. Heaven? No.
> 135. Hell? Of a kind.
> 134. Ghosts? Yes.
> 133. Horoscopes? No.
> (132-117) Which is Better?
> 132. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
> 131. Thin Crust or Deep Dish pizzas? Thin Crust
> 130. People or In Style: Eh?
> 129. Hardcover or Paperback? Hardcover
> 128. Math or English? English
> 127. TV or Radio? Both
> 126. AOL or phone? Phone
> 125. Blondes or Brunettes? Noirettes, which isn't a word.
> 124. Pools or Hot Tubs: Who cares?
> 123. Getting the Back Massage or Giving it: Giving it.
> 122. E-mail or Snail Mail? Love both, never use the latter myself.
> 121. Homecoming or Prom? Frickin' Americans...
> 120. High School or College: Ditto.
> 119. Oranges or Apples? Apples
> 118. Curly or Straight Hair: Whatever suits them.
> 117. Boys or Girls: Both. At the same time! Woo hoo.
> (116-106) Here's What I Think About...
> 116. Abortion? Hell, yes, I'd do it.
> 115. Bill Clinton? Not too bad.
> 114. Premarital Sex? is no different from postmarital sex, except you can do it with a whole lot more people.
> 113. My School? I don't know where you go to school.
> 110. Classical Music? ...I plead the fifth.
> 109. Sadaam Hussein? doesn't exist, afaik. Please look up the spelling.
> 107. Love? inspires a lot of very good songs.
> 106. Divorce? is an alien concept to me, and it's weird to hear people talk about it.
> (105-93) The Last Time I ______ Was...
> 105. Took a Shower: this morning
> 104. Watched Bambi: never have
> 102. Got a Real Letter: this morning
> 100. Drove: never have
> 99. Went Swimming: gah, AGES ago.
> 98. Spoke a Foreign Language: yesterday
> 97. Went to A Wedding: Years and years ago.
> 96. Wore a fancy dress (girls) or tux (guys): Most days. ~ggls~
> 95. Grew: over the last year, a quarter of an inch. ~g~
> 94. Rode a Horse: never have
> 93. Exercised: LOL what counts?
> 90. The ditziest person i know: Eh...I don't know.
> 89. The person who makes me laugh the most is: gah...most of my friends, yeah.
> 88. Which celebrity or famous person are you in love with? Nick and Micko.
> 87. One thing I am pissed about right now is? Um...*that*. Because I don't understand it. ~shakes head~
> 86. last thing I was mad at? Gemma.
> 85. For lunch: chicken and ham pie.
> 84. For dinner: burgers last night! Woo HOO!
> 81. The things I notice first about the opposite sex: Hair, clothes, sexuality.
> 74. The biggest misconception about me is: I'm gay.
> 68. I want to go to __?_____ college: No, thanks.
> 67. People call me: Em, Ems, Squems and Wemily. Yes, really.
> 66. My favorite color is: Black, purple, electric blue.
> 62. The person who knows the most about me is: Still Jays.
> 61. The person who can read me the best is? Hannah.
> 59. I have/have not gotten a speeding ticket? I don't drive.
> 58. i have the following siblings: None.
> 52. The person I find myself spilling my guts to is? G.
> 51. I wish: I could have Pete. Or watch him. Or something.
> 49. The lie I tell the most often is: I don't know.
> 45. The worst sound in the world is? kids screaming, and freakin' garage.
> 44. The worst taste in the world is? the stuff they put on your nails to stop you biting them.
> 41. My SAT score was? I'm ENGLISH you bastards...
> 39. My role model is: BOY GEORGE!
> 37. The last time I got my picture taken (professionally) was? YAHS ago.
> 36. The last time I got money from a parent was? This morning! WOO HOO!
> 34. My favorite state (other than my own)? California
> 32. my favorite body of water is: The channel
> 30. If I could raid a celebrity's wardrobe: Steve Strange's
> 29. My favorite three movies: VG, Labyrinth, Hedwig.
> 28. The school I go to is: Roedean.
> 26. The best age to be is: the age you wish you were.
> 24. The best thing about today so far has been: GETTING MONEY FROM MUM WOO HOO YEAH BABY YEAH. Ahem.
> 23. The worst thing about today so far: Gemma.
> 22. My favorite stores are? HMV!
> 21. Who are your female friends? There are many.
> 20. A secret I know about someone is (don't put their name!): They like something a whole lot of people like. And they're embarrassed about it. And it annoys me.
> 19. My favorite pants are? Black.
> 17. The TV Show I never miss is: TOTP2.
> 16. I am a morning person/night owl: I'm both. Either. At my most awake very early in the morning.
> 15. If I had to get married tomorrow, and could pick my wife or husband it would be? Chris, but only if I get Pete as a lover. ~ggls~
> 14. Who do you think has it easier, guys or girls? Guys.
> 13. If I had to join the military, I'd: seduce all the people in charge and get them to SEND ME THE FUCK HOME
> 12. I plan/don't plan on registering for the draft: The wha?
> 10. My favorite restaurant is: Thai Elephant Two...I miss it. (G...we go, when you here?)
> 8. My favorite sport to watch is: Ice dancing.
> 7. If your nose itches it means: that there's some cute kitty pawing about to take place.
> 5. The worst place to get an itch is? god knows. I hate itches.
> 3. Do you like ur hair color? ACH it's "your" you stupid...um, yes.
> 1. I filled out 200 questions because: I didn't...there are loads of numbers missing.


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