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It's like I said last time something like this happened...

....if I could only remember that I don't deserve more than this, then I wouldn't get so hurt every time it happens.
It's all your fault this time...you've been treating me like a princess...crazy boy. ~shakes head~

Never mind. In fact, I have to thank her housemates. If I'd gone on for much longer than this thinking that I'm worth anything, I might have started to look forward to the days. At least this time I didn't break anything else major when I fell...imagine if I'd had a bigger ego to fall from!

Dave Navarro : Bitter much?
Why yes...as it happens...a little. WHat are you doing here?
Perry Farrell : Well, for a start, y'know, we're, like, the only people you know who are irritating enough to say "bitter much"...
Dave Navarro : And also, we came to say we just met Mr. Warner and he's looking for you.

Joy. See you when I've patched up whatever Marilyn Manson's got himself into this time...


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