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I love this by proxy business...~ggls~ About three weeks ago, when the first edition of our student newspaper came out, I read through it and went "Oh, my god...HOW many mistakes?" So I said to a friend of mine that I thought the paper should have a proofreader and I wanted the job, but I don't get on with the editor, so I couldn't ask her if I could do it.
A week later, in English, this friend expressed to the class an opinion that the paper needed a proofreader, and wondered aloud who they'd choose.
The whole class pointed at me. I said that that was very kind, but I don't get on with the editor, etc.
Last week, someone from the class, but entirely unconnected with my friend and I, apparently went and told said editor that she thought I should proofread for the paper.
Said editor has just asked me if I'd mind proofreading for the paper.

Tee hee.


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