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Under the "everybody else is doing it" law of LiveJournal...

...(mind you, I'm going to be fucking wordy about these, because you all mean so very much to me.)

asrana : is my best friend outside of school, my safeguard, my comfort, and a damn good Mulder when you need one.

chiriko : is someone whom I originally noticed 'cause she was going on about the Biker Mice From Mars, but now I know her as the person who writes one of the best Dracos and *the* best Weasleys - any Weasleys - and the only person on the planet who will make me accept Sirius/Harry. She is a Goddess of mine. ~worships~

ladyxanax13 : runs one of the most kick-ass Duran sites I've ever seen and can keep me laughing for weeks. Like Double Trouble, only less fucking pompous and just that extra bit funnier. Yay her!
mmmdraco : is a friend of Cassie's who I thought was so damn cool I had to add her to my friends list. She's just...cool. ~s~

nightshade :is my love.

phlebjorn : is the bonkers journal of a very good friend of mine who can drag me (albeit kicking and screaming) into any fandom on the planet and then make me turn it to my evil ends, mwahahaha. I love her.

reggie_mbq : frequently has me in floods of tears or fits of laughter with not only her inmpossibly fantastic 'NSync fic, but her everyday posts as well. I worship her. She is to 'NSync what torch is to...well...everything.

shinysparkly : The other Nick on LiveJournal. I can't say enough times how much this lady rocks my world. Love. Love, love, love. And she writes damn good fanfic, as well. And when she roleplays...the earth moves. ~ggls~

taygasm : is another friend of Cassie's who I was crazy over before I met, and who now I've met him is just one of the greatest guys I know. I love him and...I hope he knows that.

thechaosdiva : is the sweetest, most adorable person I've yet had the pleasure of meeting, and also really really great to discuss HP with, not least because she faints almost as much as me. I absolutely love her and I want to give her presents and write her stuff but she lives far too far away. Nevertheless. ~hearts and flowers~

YAY! Make with the sap, everyone!


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