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Stolen from someone with Michael Stipe's picture as their default...

...which indicates good taste, and besides, I'm feeling Christmassy and goodwilful, and so on.

1. When do you put your Christmas/Hanukah decorations up?:

Normally, we put them up the first weekend in December - weekend because I'm at school until then, and not until December because we don't want to get tired of them. The Christmas cards go up on strings as they arrive. We used to have one smallish fake tree, then we had two, and now we've moved Christmas to the music room and we have a huge real tree. But this year we'll be in Brussels for Christmas, and we're going over on the 21st with a good half of our decorations. The ones not going to Brussels are going up on Nanna's fake tree, but at our house, when G's down staying with me.
~warm. fuzzy.~ G? I love you.

2. Do you prefer to use Christmas lights that are all one color, or do you go for the multicolor effect?:

We put an old set of multicoloured lights round a mirror in the dining room, but since most of our decorations are white, gold and silver, just having white lights is best. And prettiest.

3. Real tree or fake?

Mum hates that real trees drop, but in the end they're much nicer.

4. Where do you get your tree?:

Tates. ~s~ We're mundane.

5. Perfectly shaped tree, or one with character?:

Whatever. So long as we can get it home and I can reach to put the fairy on, it doesn't matter.

6. Where do you put your tree?:

Used to be in front of the French windows in the sitting room, but now in front of the doors in the music room. It's been lovely the last two years.

7. Tinsel or garland?:

Tinsel. Garlands have wire in and annoy me and never straighten out without shedding shredded gold snowflakes all over the carpet. We have some gorgeous tinsel. I love it.

8. Blinking lights or solid lights on the tree?:

Well, the ones we've got *can* blink, but we'd all rather they didn't. It's tacky. It's doctor's-waiting-room. No.

9. What sits on the very top of your tree?:

A fairy, which is a chubby little thing that my nan made clothes for when I was two, and my dad made wings for, and we love her to pieces.

10. Eggnog or hot chocolate?:

I drink coke, everyone else drinks champagne.

11. What does your family Christmas/Hanukah feast consist of?:

Turkey. With everything. The only thing that varies is the level of blind panic, depending on which house it's at (Christmas alternates between ours and Nanna's, 'cause we're five minutes away from her.)

12. What day do you typically hold your Christmas celebrations?:

Christmas day. Christmas eve is an absolute HELL for me...I wander round looking at the tree and turning the decorations this way and that and LONGING for it to be half-past six so we can put the presents round.
And ROFL "Do They Know It's Christmas?" has just come up on my CD. Tee hee hee.

13. When do you open your presents?:

Usually before Christmas lunch, although we'll open one early in the morning when I take mum & dad tea - the one time in the year. ~s~
Oh, and I get a stocking, so I always open everything in that at, like, five in the morning. ~g~ I used to wake up at three and sit reading for two hours, with my eyes flicking over to the weird-shaped thing in the corner, because five was my absolute limit - I was NOT ALLOWED to get up before then. ~ggls~

14. Do you open them all at once, or one by one?:

Um, I go round and find one for everyone and give them them. I usually know roughly what's where, because I spend EVERY Christmas morning sitting in front of the tree for an hour looking at labels and very carefully moving and replacing presents and looking at more labels and waiting. ~ggls lots~

15. Favorite Christmas movie?:

Mum would say Dinner For One, which I've never seen.
I would say The Amazing Mr. Blunden.

17. Do you have any family holiday traditions that you partake in each year?:

Not really, no. I've mentioned most tradition-type things...and I don't really know what mum and dad do before Christmas...and at Christmas, we just...sit. And look at what we've got. And wonder how to phrase the thank-you letter dad's going to have to write to Kathleen for giving him a ladies' gardening bag. Again.

18. For New Year's Eve, do you go out, or stay in?:

We don't even notice it's happening, usually. Christmas is...it. ~s~

One other odd thing that deserves to be mentioned - for the last three years, when decorating the tree, which is exclusively my job (apart from the lights, which dad does first), I've had as my decorating music a tape called "Celtic Requiem", which is unheimlich depressing, and yet...it's become my own, personal tradition. Weird, but true.

Squee! Christmas! Less than a month!


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