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Where is asrana to answer my questions, hmm?

What were you doing...

1 minute ago: Paranoiacking (not a word) about acp's LJ.

1 hour ago: Watching a film of "The Winslow Boy" on TV in the CR. And FUCK Sir Robert Morton was *hot*. ~fridge~

1 day ago: Sitting in Soc&Pol trying not to think about torture and...~meeps~

1 week ago: Sitting right here typing. ~s~

1 month ago: Missing Liverpool, I should think.

1 year ago: Wanting to do well in Philosophy. ~derisive laugh~

1 lifetime ago: Um? I'm not sure. How long is a lifetime?

5 hours ago: Sitting in a French lesson scaring the heck out of Julia by implying I wanted to do inappropriate things to her. (She's one of the Russians, G. ~g~)

5 days ago: Having an unexpected double free.

5 weeks ago: Probably looking forward to Liverpool...

5 months ago: Going to Electric Dreams!!

5 years ago: This is my fifth year here...erk.



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