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Bored also...

(Thanks, asrana!)

Physical appearance.
Height - 6'
Eye colour - blue/grey/green, depending.
Hair colour - dark blonde
How many fillings do you have- three, I think. No, wait, two.
Piercings- One in each ear.
Tattoos - Certainly not.
Do you think you're good looking- No.
Do other people - I don't know - if they do, they rarely tell me.
What do you sound like - Depends who I am!

Do you wear a watch- Almost all the time.
How many coats and jackets do you own - Uh...one? That I haven't seen for a few years...
Favorite pants/skirt color - Black!
Favourite top/shirt color - Black! With stuff on!
Most expensive item of clothing - The old red one from Droopy & Brown's, or anything of my mum's I've ever borrowed.
Most treasured - Black skirt wot I have on at the moment.
Boots or shoes - Shoes, only 'cause I don't own any boots...but not for much longer! Mum's promised to buy me some! Yay!
Scruffy or smart - Fairly smart.

Your personality
Extrovert or introvert - Both.
Are you confident - No.
Do you like yourself- Not much.
Are you popular - I don't think so.
Are you good academically - Sometimes.
What do you have a really good knowledge of- LOL 80s popular music and that which went before, early 80s style, current fashion, um...
Are you good at games which rely on intellect - Usually.
Fictional character you are most like - Eeep. I'm a cross between Javelin and *someone*, that's for sure. Perhaps between Javelin and the fiction that is Nick Rhodes.
Do you drink/take drugs - No.
Can you speak another language - Yes.
Are you moody - Oh, god, yes.
Use five words to describe what you feel inside- Loved, unloved, lonely, ashamed, individual.
Do people know how you feel- Probably. I tend to broadcast. ~rueful g~
What would you change about your personality - The way I fall for a lot of inappropriate people.
Are you perceived wrongly - Probably.
What drives you? - With music, an all-consuming enthusiasm. With everything else, the fear of being a failure, I suppose.
Worst fault - My temper, I think.

Your friends.
Do your friends know you - Not completely. (And some random person I barely know knows more about me than a lot of my close school friends - but that's relatively normal I guess.)
What do they tend to be like - Weird.
Are there traits in you that are universally liked- My ability to listen has been remarked upon by many. So that's one good thing. :-)
Few friends or many acquaintances- Both.
Can you count on them- Some of them for some things.
Can they count on you- Usually. So long as they're people whom I consider my friends, not just ones who consider themselves my friends.

Favorite bands ever- Duran, Erasure.
Most listened to bands currently- Rufus Wainwright, Goldfrapp, Toyah, Duran.
Can you play an instrument - Voice and a little bit of piano.
Books- Not really, not any more. It's a real shame.
Films - Velvet Goldmine, Labyrinth, and - HEDWIG'S OUT ON FRIDAY!
TV- Never Mind The Buzzcocks, TOTP2.


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