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A quiz. To take my mind off French and Pete. As if.

[Pick up a book and write a sentence at random from it.] "Fifteenth-century fashions demonstrate a complete break from the traditions of the Middle Ages, reflecting the new artistic energy awakening through Europe."
[Do the same with a lyric from a song.] "Let's not generalise, it's not your place to question why, Little Miss Pinpoint Eyes, your brain has fried - Goodbye!"
[Can you sing?] Yes. And did. This morning.
[What's your favorite color of post-it note?] Pink.
[How many cassette tapes do you own?] About 250.
[How many CD's do you own?] About 130.
[Ever bought a CD for just one song?] Frequently. Usually worth it, though.
[Have you ever lied to get off the phone?] God, yes.
[Have you ever written a survey?] Yes.
[How about a song?] Yes.
[Or maybe a poem?] Frequently.
[Are you addicted to Napster?] No, but I would be if I could use it.
[Ever been in an airplane?] Yes.
[If so where were you flying to?] Last time was Florida. There have been many, however.
[Be descriptive. What are you wearing?] Black and purple-silver sandals, black suede-y skirt which cats adore, black shirt.
[Favorite band CURRENTLY?] Eh, alternating between Pulp and Starsailor today.
[Favorite outfit?] Depends.
[Describe your bedroom:] The one here is pretty cramped, with about two feet of floor between the bed and the bathroom thing, and it's painted lilac and I like it. ~s~
[Name your favorite type of music:] Electronic!
[Are you a vegetarian?] Hell, no.
[How about an aspiring actor/actress?] Yep. ~ggls~
[Favorite Rock star(s)?] Rock star? Um...Mick Jagger or Steve Tyler.
[Favorite Actor/Actress?] Micko Westmoreland/Mandana Jones.
[What do you want to be when you grow up?] A music journalist, and more me than I am now.
[What famous person dead or alive would you interview if you had the chance?] Nick. ~s~ Well, I would.
[What movies do you have almost all the lines memorized to?] Velvet Goldmine, Labyrinth, The Wedding Singer, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and the entire of the Top Ten 80s Romantics programme.



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