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Everything today is so weird.

Not that everything every day isn't weird, but still. Twiglets have brought back their Worcester Sauce flavour. Yay! I had a totally bonkers dream about being in an interactive movie with my ex-best friend from prep school. Any dreams involving him are more than usually painful, and I can't help the feeling I got that he was just popping up to remind me that I'm not allowed to love anyone more than him, ever. Even though I'm hardly in danger of that.


And now asrana has started filling my head with BMB mirrorfic ideas. ~laughs~


I've spent the whole day doing a mental 100 lines of "I will not pretend that I am in the company of the nicest man in the world, I will not pretend that I am in the company of the nicest man in the world, I will *not* pretend..." ~groan~ Consider me doomed.

I can't believe how enraged I was this morning about something so totally innocuous. Damn my temper.


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