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For those of you who don't read the comments in my journal, my beloved Rebecca posted one which read :

Argh! Clockwork Orange! Coincidence! Saw the film last night! Yuk! Started the book this morning! Ick! Film v. futuristic, seems to have slightly missed the point! Ultra-violence! Horrorshow! Yuk! Alex, baby, you just need _love_!

Fanfic? *is hopeful*


I want to see the film! I want I want I want!
Rebecca? For once I actually agree with you...he does, doesn't he? (Oh, the number of Alexes who just need _love_...~counts~ One, two, three, four, five...five. ~s~)
Oh, and Rebecca? Do you want to write co-write something? I kinda need an artistic director writing this, otherwise it's just, like, lots of death. ~ggls~ Which is fun, but, you know, not as much fun. Besides, who to give to him? Or who to give him to...~speculative~

In other news. ~pounces Krycek and hugs him tight~ I love Krycek.

In other news. ~pounces G and cuddles and cuddles and cuddles~ I love you, too.

~points at G~ John Taylor wants to adopt this person, everyone!


PS I was going to post a private entry this morning. Last night I lay awake in bed for an hour feeling very, very, very sick. This morning it doesn't seem to be so bad. So...so I'm not going to post a private entry. I don't want ever to have to. But. Oh well.

PPS PETE! ~thunk~

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