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Should have known my 'oh no, I am talking, everyone will hate me for talking' wouldn't let me post every day :x So, three songs today, to make up for the last two days' lack of any :

Gary Numan is one of those artists whose credibility has fluctuated so wildly over the years that nobody really knows any more where he stands on the line between 'legend' and 'hilarious'. Certainly he's had some great moments and some decidedly less great moments, but as is my wont I'm quite fond of one of the albums for which he's most often ridiculed - 1984's Berserker, which is much less experimental than his first few albums and a lot dafter. It's kind of lacking in identity, but I like the title track all the same - it feels sort of wistful, like he stood on the edge of the charts all through 83 making notes and then went home to try and recreate what he heard in his bedroom with possibly his kid sister on backing vocals. Which is probably what actually happened.

Berserker - Gary Numan

Once upon a time in the 80s, Yazoo released a great track called 'Situation' which somehow sounded like it would be modern for the rest of time no matter how old it became. Although nothing can really match Alison Moyet's giant voice, I love this glowy futurepop cover of it from the unsurprisingly little-known Yazoo tribute album. It's not groundbreaking or anything. I just like to surround myself with stuff that sounds like fireflies at a disco.

Situation - Brain Garden feat. Allison Mayer

I love this Kate Bush song so much that I have written it down in books for people, and on myself, and keyworded icons on just about all my journals with its lyrics. She's well known, of course, for really throwing herself into crazy narratives like 'Babooshka' and the amazing 'Experiment IV' and stuff, but this is so quiet and beautiful and mad in a tiny way, the sort of thing you'd get on early Tori albums. Her voice is still tremoring all over the place, but if you can handle that and you like small songs where people give you their secrets, then you should listen to this.

Under the Ivy - Kate Bush

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