DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

But like they say, the blood is thicker.

Never let it be said I'm not one to admit when I've been wrong. Seven years too late, I finally get what it is about the Dresden Dolls. To be honest, I'm sort of glad I didn't understand it when I was young and mental enough that I'd have overidentified with it all even more than I do now. Still, my apologies to the people who tried to make me understand; I always knew they were good, I just didn't know I could love their music.

clockworkwasp and I hit up the Book of the Dead exhibition today. I was pleasantly surprised by how understated and respectful it was - in the gift shop they've always got chocolate mummies and spangly Bast tree decorations so I was slightly concerned it'd all be a bit 'here's an animation of a reconstruction of some stuff we've made up! look, DEATH!' - and for once someone with some sanity was in charge of the atmospheric music, which stayed mostly out of the way and was exactly what I would have used. (The Tutankhamun exhibition at the O2 was running some painful Wailing Bint : Desert Edition stuff when I went, and should be ashamed of itself.) I managed not to buy every book in the bookshop and now I am home, having succeeded in buying Christmas presents for everyone in my family. Weak with relief, I shall now sort cover versions until I have to sleep. :)

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