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I know, I'm really not reading LJ or posting or commenting or anything, so it's a bit unfair to just suddenly appear and be like, GIVE ME ANSWERS. But I'm doing it anyway, unfairness be damned. I reread Lynne Reid Banks's truly creepy children's-ish book Melusine on the bus this morning and, as usual, was ridiculously glad to have kept it around from my childhood in order to read it again now I'm older and understand more things than just 'wow, she's part snake, that's so cool'.

I've said this often, but I read a lot of books as a kid that followed this pattern : children visit [remote location, usually English or Welsh village, sometimes Irish, Scottish or French] for a holiday (or, sometimes, live there already); supernatural/magic happens; adults mostly suck; outside world is totally irrelevant for the duration. I don't think it says anything about me that the entire world doesn't already know, but I was wondering today whether I'd happened to miss any such books when growing up and/or whether you guys knew of any other than the ones I remember. I shall make a list! (I like lists.) If you can think of anything that even vaguely fits this genre that isn't in my list, please tell me so I can further break our bookshelves. :x

The Dark Is Rising series - Susan Cooper
Seaward - Susan Cooper (sort of counts, though they're not on holiday)
The Hounds of the Morrigan - Pat O'Shea
Melusine - Lynne Reid Banks
Green Knowe books - Lucy M. Boston
The Owl Service - Alan Garner
The Whispering Knights - Penelope Lively
The Wild Hunt of Hagworthy - Penelope Lively
The Haunting - Margaret Mahy
The Snow Spider - Jenny Nimmo

All I can think of for now (and I should be working) - I'm sure there are more I read when I was younger, but I'm hoping to have my memory jogged on those, too. :) If none of this rings bells with you, that's fine, it just means you're less pretentious than me, and that's a good thing. <3
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