DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Yesterday was lovely. I've stopped recording lovely things in my LJ, for some reason - presumably when I decided nobody wanted to hear anything I had to say, that went with it - but I should start again. The thing is, these days it's small things that make for good days and not dramatic exciting tremendous things, so I can't see why anyone would be interested; on the other hand, this thing is mine, too, and it's worth having a record of a day well spent. Therapy was good. Lunch with Carrie at Wagamama's and subsequent prodding of and giggling at the entire children's section of the neighbouring Oxfam bookshop was good. I escaped with three books of ghost stories for children (my kryptonite! I collect them :x) and one book by Jenny Nimmo that I never read when I was the right age. Evening drinks with giolla also really nice; Caffe Nero do a great hot chocolate, the river is pretty and the Barrowboy & Banker makes for a good pub even when the football's on.

& tonight I will be mostly watching White Collar and Criminal Minds (and Bones, which I've not yet seen any of) with clockworkwasp, which is excellent. And I have tea! Look, tea. How great is that?

Beware - here comes the quiet life again. :) Speaking of which, I love Japan. I know I say this every year, but I really love them. 'Swing', in all its weird ice-slowly-melting glory. I must get Steve Jansen's album that he did with John Foxx. Together at last! :D

See? I'm so boring these days. :)
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