DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Some other little something might be coming your way

I was going to cover the charts again, but they seem to be startlingly dull this week - did nobody release any singles? - so for your music fix, check out my post from yesterday - you know you want to! It's got 21st century swing and filthy electro, you know I know what you like.

The only thing in the charts worth listening to that I didn't already mention last week is the new song from Ms. Dynamite, who is always welcome and this is why. I love this and so should you, even if it's not your thing, because it's real and new and all up in your face. God knows it deserves to be higher up than Jedward, and hopefully by next week it will be, as they've obliged me by falling ten places in seven days.

There's a lot of nonsense hovering around the edges of the charts, too; on the whole I'm disappointed, and so I invite you, even if you don't read yesterday's post (and you should; recoil! IAMX! Florence & the Machine! but I digress), to go and watch this thing that I posted at the end of it, instead. It's absolutely appallingly good and if there were any justice, it'd be my living room they filmed it in. Before returning to their home in my basement.

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