DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

I can watch things again and play games without giving the computer I'm on some kind of heart attack. *_* I have celebrated all of this by downloading over a hundred new covers and mashups in the last several hours*. Nothing if not predictable. :) I think Antimony and I are going to get on just fine. Windows 7 is kind of pretty, isn't it? :)

Shhh. Let a girl have her moment, I'm sure it'll all go wrong sooner or later. Also, after spending the last many, many years on a monitor from 1997 with a huge crack down the back of it and a tendency to make a high-pitched migraine-inducing whining noise whenever displaying anything white, it is very nice to actually be able to sit at my computer desk and, you know, see what's on my computer. Hurray!

Stand by for celebratory deluges of music, probably, in the next few weeks. Also definitely making another post about What's Out And About In The Land Of Pop This Week tomorrow, stay tuned and so forth.

*Beyond delighted to discover someone has finally done that Come As You Are/Eighties mashup I always wanted. Badly, but it's still hilarious to me.

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