DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Good : surviving another visit to the post office. (It's one of the more random of my phobias.)

Better : ducking into a charity shop on the way back and finding a Knightmare mug.

Best : turning round jealously clutching said Knightmare mug in order to protect it from wily old ladies who might harbour a secret love of early 90s game shows for children to discover an absolutely pristine unplayed one of these. I am such a nerd. But a happy nerd. It has tiny plastic wizard money!

I do not speak often of my passion for board games, but I beg you this : if you are charity shopping and you see a game that involves supernatural creatures, 80s or 90s TV shows for children, or pirates, and you happen to have my mobile number on you, please give me a call. Or anything with really adorable 1970s/early 80s 'technology' - I might have to go back, that charity shop also had this.

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