DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Right this minute, I am watching 'Fireflies' by Owl City on asrana's television. If there are spelling mistakes in this post it is because I can't look away from the screen. I am spellbound with joy. Spellbound. Oh good god. This is ridiculous. What the fuck, it's so perfect, help.

(I had one of those moments I have of realising I have no idea what's actually out there right this minute. Now I want to watch music TV all night in case there's something else like that! Except there's nothing else in the world quite like that. :) Sadly, number nine was bizarrely unconvincing hispanic dance and number eight is properly awful, awful R&B. Shorty's like a melody in my head that I can't keep out, got me singing like na na na na, every day - it's like my iPod's stuck on replay. Why do they bother, really?

Good grief. Number seven tells me people let 3OH!3 make more than one record, which, looking at them, confuses me a great deal. Does anyone have an explanation for that? Are they friends with someone famous :( I mean, it's kind of fun, but, um. Anyway. Meanwhile, at number six, apparently it's time for another pretty bloody terrible girl band. 'Echo' is a song with a great chorus that neither the verses nor the singers deserve.

Sorry, just, you know, while I'm here. Number five is the unstoppable accompanied by the inexplicable - Jay-Z with Mr. Hudson, a man I don't even remotely understand in any fashion or sense.
...oh Jesus, he's covering 'Forever Young' ironically. I want to die. I'm muting this. What the hell. Mr. Hudson, what did the world do to bring you forth? From what pit did you crawl, and - crucially - what should I use to entice you back there? You all may think he's harmless, but I'm telling you, eldritch horror lurks beneath his bewildering exterior and eventually The Doctor is going to have to do something about him. Hopefully before he makes any other songs.

Number four is a thing of absurd and absolute beauty, a glorious electro-lite fashion spread made of clashing pastels. If I wasn't watching the video I'm not sure I'd care at all about it but you'll understand if you see it and match up this adorable voice with the extraordinary f- oh my god, there's a really tiny rubbish rap by Chipmunk in the middle of it. I'm in love.

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