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Did I mention recently...

....that I love music?
~g~ No, seriously. Reading back through my old copies of NME, thinking about all the bands who've turned up in its pages over the last year I've been getting it...I just...I don't know. I own music by some of those bands. I'm listening to Starsailor.
I've also been impressed by three songs on Kerrang! lately, which is a relatively unusual occurrence - 'Salt Sweat Sugar' by Jimmy Eat World, the supremely sublime 'Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja' by The LostProphets, and the old but disturbingly good 'Linchpin' by Fear Factory...they of the Gary Numan collaboration...they're all songs with tunes, and at least two of them have ~gasp~ *harmony*.
Whatever happened to My Vitriol? ~nostalgic sigh~

ANYwho, I've just realised that the computers in here play CDs, which is good 'cause I've run out of batteries, and so I've got Starsailor on and...I still can't believe how good they are.

I felt awful earlier. Thankfully, it's been so long since I took time off lessons for feeling ill - because I was frightened of getting into trouble - that this time they accepted it as genuine and let me go to "bed" (read : TV)...

And I finished A Clockwork Orange...I really want to see the film; it's a bizarre book, naturally, but very very *very* good. Although the last chapter annoyed me a great deal. But oh well. ~s~ I can always rewrite it, that's what fanfic is for, right?

Speaking of fanfic, actually, everyone needs to go and read the Manic Street Preachers fanfic by Holden Le Vicieu on ff.net. It is quite simply the most beautiful, emotive, heartbreaking stuff I've ever read. Even if you've no idea who the Manics *are*, you should read it. (And then you should go and get yourself an idea who the Manics are. They're great. Make dreadful music, but hey, I still like it, so...)

~s~ Sorry. Em ramble when Em happy.


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