DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Geek help, please :)

My computer has a problem. Specifically, what looks like this problem (I can't run updates for Ad-Aware, it didn't much want to install the new version of it, Trillian won't accept the new update and refuses to delete from my system - and won't run the old version because 'I don't have access to it' - I bloody do, though - etc, etc). Normally I bury my head in the sand about these things, but you know, the last time I did that my old computer eventually died, and so will this one, so can anyone help me fix it? Running Ad-Aware as is doesn't find anything, but it doesn't find anything at all, which is implausible as there's usually at least some cookies that need deleting. I let AVG scan this morning as well and towards the end of that it exploded in blue screen of alarming messages. \o/ Sigh. It was fine before I left on Wednesday!

So. Can anyone help? I can't understand the advice offered in the link I've posted, because I am useless at the technical side of computers and don't have any idea what they're talking about - if you can offer help, please couch it in frustratingly simple 'go to this bit, click this thing, this thing, and this thing' language because otherwise I won't know what you mean. Sorry. :/ But please help if you can, I don't want to lose Sebastian, I've got quite fond of him!

Thanks, guys. xxx
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