DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Don't miss the brightest star.

November did its best to Thomas Hood it up, which, I suppose, is the inevitable result of spending September and October looking forward to Halloween so much - but it's a new month now, and I feel better. Which is nice.

Things I have been doing include seeing New Moon (80% ridiculous, 20% Taylor Lautner), going to Jen Cafe (adorable and cheaply divine), watching more True Blood (hilarious), dancing and avoiding strange men at Vagabonds (brilliant; I need to get out more), unashamedly reading children's books, attempting to learn the Korean alphabet, and therapy, obviously, which is probably helping.

It's going to be Christmas eventually, the second one I've voluntarily not spent at home with my family. Which will be weird, though probably good. This reminds me - does anyone know where I could get a notebook that's as beautiful as the Paperblanks ones I'm so fond of, but much thinner? I don't just want to get one of their tiny ones - it's to make a book of poetry for my mother, and it needs to be the same sort of basic size as their medium or large books but with far fewer pages. :) I don't actually know where one goes to look for reasonably-priced notebooks that aren't theirs (Liberty's is out of my price range, heh) - any ideas?
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