DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

If you don't answer I'll just ring it off the wall

Okay! Right. Hi, friends list, and other oddities. Uh.

I've just had one of those BT landline text messages that are made 100% more creepy by the woman from the M&S food adverts reading someone else's words to you, with no context or attached name in this case, with a distressing amount of conviction. I, um. Who sent that, please? I don't recognise the number and I can only think of a really limited number of people I saw last night who would be liable to mention it to me further. And, uh. Anonymous messages kind of make me jumpy, what with one thing and another. Please own up, it was probably lovely to see you too but we won't know until I know who you are, will we? :)

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