DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Sparkle in my mind

Do you know what I've been doing? I've been reading two of the Twilight books - the middle two - and genuinely enjoying them. Eclipse made me cry.

I get that when Bella talks about Edward she invariably dissolves into paroxysms of how beautiful he is and it's insufferable, so I'm assuming the first book is like that all the time and therefore more or less unreadable, but the thing is, now that I've read these two books, I want to know what everyone's problem is. I mean, they're not great literature, but they're vampire fiction, so that was never really on the table in the first place, and yes, her relationship with Edward is a terrible model for teenagers, but is 'I'm intelligent enough to see that it's a bad relationship but SOMEONE might not be and that would be bad' really the best people can come up with?

They're not that bad. I am surprised, and ashamed of myself for previously having subscribed to the mass cry of 'they're terrible', as I should know better. Also, Jacob is amazing, the end.
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