DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

More things the internet tells me they have in the States that I can't get here :

* Cake batter ice cream. This one isn't news to me, I am just still distraught about it.
* Ben & Jerry's Ginger Snaps. 'Brown sugar cinnamon ice cream with gingersnap cookies & a ginger caramel swirl.' I hate you, America. I hate you.
* Hershey's Kisses in pumpkin spice flavour. About the only thing you can do to a Hershey's Kiss to make it edible, but seriously.
* Pumpkin spice flavoured pasta. PASTA. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN WANT THAT. Except that I do. Obviously.
* Lobster ice cream. No, seriously. Only in one place, but the fact that it even exists is just making my brain drain out of my skull, here.
* Champagne flavoured popcorn. How is. what is. what. how. why?

Why can't I teleport :/ I can never move away from England but why can't I teleport :/ Bastards.
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