DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Doing better now, much thanks for sympathy and kind words<3 Antibiotics have made me really weak and useless this week, but at least my face is no longer the size of France.

I need reminding that I can't be part of RPGs. I was part of one once and I just fucked everything up; I was younger and more rubbish then, but I'd have to change my name and pretend to be someone else to rejoin, which is ridiculous enough without taking into consideration what the things actually do to my brain. This damn thing is like that guy you know you should never have been involved with, who was no good for you even though you made some good friends through being with him; you broke up ages ago, and when you don't see him you know you made the right decision, but now and then you'll see him out and about and he looks amazing and you think, god, what was I doing? I'd do anything to have him back! NO. Argh.

They make me crazy. I do not need any more crazy. It's hard enough getting out of bed at the moment. I don't need to try and throw myself back into the weirdest place of trying to assess other people's behaviour I've ever been in, including school :/ Plus who would I bring in? Jeffree Star? Hardly.

Guys, have you seen the adverts for 'Gold Digger' by Dolly Rockers? I keep seeing them and bursting into hysterical laughter. It sounds FANTASTIC, actually, but who the hell thought 'I know what needs a shiny 21st century glitzy update! 'Stool Pigeon' by Kid Creole & The Coconuts!' The music industry is weird.

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