DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Technically, you belong to GENECo

So on Saturday booklectic and I finally sorted out sitting down and watching Repo! The Genetic Opera. I am in love.

I'd like to write about what I thought, but I can't seem to actually do that about anything any more. Except the Patrick Wolf gig, but then I failed to reply to all the comments, so now I don't deserve to write anything ever again, obviously.

It's pretty good, though, for values of 'good' that include 'Anthony Stewart Head chewing the scenery' and 'Paris Hilton's face falling off' and 'everyone I have ever dated all rolled into one man'. So probably quite bad, then, objectively. But who's being objective these days?

Remember, kids : ask a GENtern if Zydrate is right for YOU. ...I want every single related poster from CafePress. Especially this one.

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