DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Good lord, Magazine really are a bit great, aren't they? (That'll be the music downloader working again fine, then...)

Also : Eurovision. I fucking love Eurovision like you wouldn't believe (or would, if you met me, I guess) and while literally nobody will ever, ever beat Verka Serduchka - ever - there were some surprisingly great songs and performances this year. You cannot, for example, really go wrong with a gay man and Dita Von Teese (Germany) or disco gladiators (Ukraine). My favourite songs were probably Armenia's, which I would absolutely listen to for pleasure (and plan to, frequently), and the earth-shaking song from Malta, which was exactly the kind of wank that makes me cry like I'm twelve, because it's the kind of wank I was listening to when I was twelve. :)

As you were :)

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