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I've got a long afternoon doing nothing - does anyone want some music? And if so, what kind?

For dreamfracture, who wanted a soundtrack for the end of the world, which I am not sure this is at all, but never mind.
Last Day On Earth - Duran Duran
Naturally. It is surprisingly good fun and lacking in ridiculous 80sness, though, being instead an angry festival of 5/4 time, fuzzy guitars and a veritable spaceship of a chorus.
Prayers For Rain - The Cure
Partly because I've only in the last few months uncovered the absolute staggering genius of this song, and partly because to me it sounds like absolute disillusion, the grey, unraveling end of everything.
Giants Orbiting - Iain Ballamy
From the Mirrormask soundtrack, absolutely one of the most incredible, vast, terrifying instrumentals I have ever heard.
Cantara - Dead Can Dance
I hope the end of the world sounds like this.
Glass - Bat For Lashes
She is absolutely amazing and out of her mind. I'm not sure what, to me, is so post-apocalyptic about half her songs, but there you go.

For purplerabbits, who gave me free rein because she's foolish nice :)
Daniel - Bat For Lashes
I am just obsessed with her at the moment, and whatever the critics say, I think the second album is just as tremendous and mental as the first. This is probably the most sane thing on it, and I think it is wild and beautiful like being on the edge of a cliff at dusk with low-burning beacons along the coast the only sign of humanity for miles and miles.
Tremble For My Beloved - Collective Soul
Yes. It is from the Twilight soundtrack. I loved the film, and I think half the soundtrack is brilliant, and this is emphatically from the brilliant half. You barely hear it in the film, which is a shame, because it is soaring and exhilarating and awesome. It is like kicking in the door to summer and just running on out there into it, so, uh. I don't know why it was in Twilight, really. Unless it's because it's sunny and...sparkly? Um.
Fascination Street - Xu Xu Fang
My addiction to covers brings you this impossible reworking of The Cure. It really does feel impossible, to listen to it, like it's a song that could only be found in an Escher painting where everything is upside down. There's a flute, and, um. God, it's fantastic.
Swimming - Martha & the Muffins
There's always something about truly perfect New Wave that really gets me - maybe it's just that we never knew how to do it. A friend gave me this and it is small and wonderful and simple and it doesn't mean anything, because really good New Wave never does, but all the same I want to protect it in its smallness, in case it is really just in a language I can't understand and is quietly saying something very important.
Belfast - The Golden Palominos with Nicole Blackman
I cannot stop listening to this album, because it is the most extraordinary, soul-shocking album I've ever come across and I wish it had been part of my entire life. Everything on it is searing and awful and fundamentally incredibly important and and and.

And for robinbloke, though I'm sorry I can't do more in the way of decadent electro~
Professional Suicide - Ladyhawke
Inexplicably, this album really was only released last year. And not, you know, in 83.
Magic - Ladyhawke
You know how when you draw on black paper with crayons, it looks 100% more awesome than when you just draw on white paper? This song is drawn on black paper, with crayons, in three dimensions. And I love it.
Roc Ya Body - Ping Pong Bitches
Extremely silly. But probably deserving of a cocktail umbrella.
Chemical Princess - The Strike Boys with IAMX
Oh, X. Everything he touches is decadent. If I gave you this before, I apologise!

For lupie_stardust, who wanted exotic and far-away. Hmm.
Angels and Men - Juno Reactor
If by 'far-away' you mean, you know, on another planet, or very very long ago.
Lust - Balligomingo
Like being seduced by a rainforest. Um, in a good way.
Minara - Niyaz
At least someone over there will like this, I hope. I don't think it changes enough for you. But it is exotic and far-away.
Nierika (live) - Dead Can Dance
Yes, I am ridiculous, shut up. :)
Floating City - Tori Amos
For me, this fits the description, although it might not for other, less wanky people. :)</a>

For jaynedoll, who gave me the truly excellent request of 'anything vaguely homoerotic'. I think we can manage that.
I'm So LA - Mynx
I really hope you don't have this. Because it is fabulous. Fabulous like these.
Do You Like Boys? - Freezepop
Tragically lacking a 'bisexual' option. Someone should see to that.
Over The Rainbow - Erasure
Because I love Erasure so much, and everything they touch is as gay as...well. You know. This song is so gay it references the members of ABBA by name.
Black Leather - Andromeda Rising
You might have run across this before, because I invariably post it as being officially the gayest song I have ever heard or will ever hear. It is a cover of a very early Dead or Alive song and bears listening to again and again because he can't really be singing...oh. Yes, he can.
More G.D.M. - Red Lipstique
This requires you first being aware of Gina X's cult classic No GDM - which you might well be. Erasure covered it straight - as it were - but this is a...reinterpretation, which I found on vinyl in a random junk shop and, evidently, so did whoever ripped this mp3 file, which I was delighted and very surprised to turn up. There was bugger all about the band on the internet for years so I am extremely surprised to discover that their lead vocalist only founded the bloody Kit Cat club and Popstarz. Good lord.

For my notintheseheels, who essentially wanted porn. Which I can also do.
Ride - Golden Palominos with Nicole Blackman
See above for flailing. It isn't hot like the songs you mentioned, but it is still porn as far as I'm concerned. :)
Choke - Hybrid feat. John Graham
So if this song looks like a snake to start off with, a black one that winds itself around your throat but uncoils just before you get scared, then the worst thing is where, after the first chorus, you're watching it and thinking it's beautiful when it suddenly sheds its skin and what's underneath isn't right at all. God, I love this.
Flowers Become Screens - Delerium
Dreamier than what you're looking for, but, nnngh.
Chrome - Recoil
More vicious horrible dark-water sex from everyone's favourite beat poet and former member of Depeche Mode. Help.
and bonus reupload of something from a long while ago~
Der Mussolini (DJ Taylor & Flow remix) - Der Verfall

For joysilence, who thinks what we need more of is science.
Scientist - Blue Screen Love Scene
About the only thing in this list that isn't me just cheating. Very very small electro with a budget of approximately $2, but I think it is adorable.
We're Only Science - Dot Allison
She will keep saying it, but she refuses to elaborate. Apparently being science is kind of hot, though.
The Robot Has Got The Blues - Worm Is Green
Completely cheating here, obviously, but this tiny electronic lament about a depressed robot is so perfect I am hoping you will forgive me.
Computer Games - North Shore Pony Club
An extremely sparkly and marvellous cover of the Mi-Sex original. I particularly like the bit where the vocoder randomly starts going North Shore Pony Club, kicking up your dancefloor as if you might not notice it wasn't in the original.
(We're All) Clones - The Epoxies
...I did say I didn't have much, right? BUT DUDE IT'S THE EPOXIES COVERING ALICE COOPER, okay, I need no justification. Cough.

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