DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Awww. Thanks, Dave. If I really must be forced to watch Red Dwarf while my friends' TV records it, at least it's Quarantine, probably the only episode I could stand to watch more than once. I, er. Never mind why.

I have missed tickets for any of the Ultravox shows I could have gone to (which is okay; I love them, and their music, more than many other bands, but I am not sure how much I want to see Midge Ure straining for high notes live, and Billy Currie is a menace to society, I can live without it) but their current tour has brought forth another greatest hits album, and I caught it being advertised earlier. They're advertising it with 'Vienna' and the same thing happened as always happens these days when I hear even two or three seconds of 'Vienna'; I got the shivers so hard I almost cried, envisioning someone hearing it for the first time. I mean, I'm tired of it; if I listen to it more than once every couple of months, it's lost its magic for me, through being on every compilation ever made ever. But, god, it's amazing. Amazing, to hear that for the first time. Imagine being a kid now and never having heard it, like I was when I first saw the TV advert for the Our Friends Electric compilation, the first musical thing I ever set out to save up for. The advert's perfect, for that, to be that, to be someone who's never heard it - just a black screen and then pieces of white letters coming slowly together like they might be words or some strange futurist architecture, to those extraordinary ice-white sounds broken by the sunrise of the chorus.

Sometimes I miss being so young I still hadn't heard a lot of New Romantic music.

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